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Lush cosmetics sensitive skin Videos

Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin - Aveeno

MUST SEE* Watch in HD! Products Mentioned: Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub: //amzn.to/19FCGMw Aveeno Active Naturals Clear ...

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Thanks for thinking of us people with very sensitive skin and breakouts! I'm always asking for products that I can use and def going to try AVEENO products and will ley you know through here or FB! (I'm Gisela Matta) ;)
I want to try that acne wash and the moisturizer. My skin is all sorts of horrible right now. I have this horrible combo going on. Dry spots oily spots and breakouts! Terrible.

LUSH | Sensitive skin

Have you used Lush Bath Bombs on Sensitive skin? Check out my blog too!

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Great Haul! I have never been to lush but want to :)
Thank you so much!
Hi I have just come across your channel and really enjoyed your videos!! keep up the good work xxx I have just subscribed cant wait to see your next videos xx
Thank you so much! That inspires me to make so many more! I really appreciate the feedback. x

Lush Collection and Haul

Skin Care Routine: Favorite Products

I definitely would like to apologize for the delay on posting this video, I was so busy recently that I truly felt as if I had to do all of my filming and editing in baby ...

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LMFAO 7:40 - 7:46 I rewatched this idk how many times hahaha you are hilarious wtf lol
+Lani Negrillo Lol, I'm such a fool! Thanks for watching sweetheart! Xoxo
I just watched your winter lip care video and I am so excited to go try that Nivea Lip Butter. I love the Rose Salve. I've been using it at night for the last 5 years. I love it! I have very dry sensitive skin so I don't use the apricot scrub but they have an oatmeal one that's not so harsh on my skin and I love it. I also love the St. Ives Timeless moisturizer. I got the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream for my birthday and I love it but the St. Ives is so similar that I will probably by the St. Ives one after I run out of this one. Great videos!! Keep up the awesome work! You are awesome!!! What would you recommend for eye care?
+Katelyn Ruehlen thanks so much for watching sweetie! I actually have been using this olive oil natural moisturizer thats made in Greece around my eyes and I love it. The only issue is it was a gift so I don't have all the details as far as where you can purchase in case your interested. I'm definitely going to look into it. Once again thanks so much for watching doll! Xoxo
i live for your videos i just subscribed too its lit lol looking forward to future videos
your welcome :)
+Ceasar Buten Awww, thanks my love! I know I completely suck when it comes to uploading new videos but I hope that will change in the near future. Thanks so much for kind words sweetie! XOXO
+Ceasar Buten Awww, thanks so much my love! I know I suck at uploading but I hope that will change in the near future. XOXO
My fave St Ives scrub is the Green Tea Scrub. I like how finely milled the grains are. It reminds me of a sugar scrub. I use it 2 times a week. 
+originalmrgrta I tried their grapefruit scrub but unfortunately my skin didn't quite agree with it. The green tea definitely sounds like it's worth a try. Thanks again my love! Xoxo

Lush's Ocean Salt Review [sensitive skin]

A review on Lush's Ocean Salt, helpful for those with sensitive skin!

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only just come across you today but love your vids and you're a really good reviewer, i recently got a sample of the cosmetic lad and watched your vid on that now i'm gonna buy it because it just confirms what i thought so kind of encourages me to get it, i wanted to and like you have celestial but it's way too heavy xxxxxx i find it smells of chocolate oranges too!!xx
i also i sensitive skin and use ocean salt about once a week i recommend that you should wet your face when you use it instead of on dry skin using it on dry skin is more exfoliating but using it on wet skin as you scrub will melt the salt so you won't accidentally overexfoliate
@stacey4415 I'm glad this video/my videos could help! I love Cosmetic Lad and I think you'll find it works so well on a long term basis. Mmmm, I love the way it smells~
i love ur reviews can u do an in depth one bout snowcake soap i know u talked about it a bit i just wanted to c ur thoughts regarding it in depth
Okay I have a question. I use love lettuce twice a week an it's an exfoliator. Do u think u still need this.
@abingdonmd I think it would be great for body acne, in fact I use it now just for body exfoliation.
what's the shelf life of ocean salt? great review:) i love lush too! it's so addicting!!
According to my batch it looks like it lasts a year and two months or so!
your eyemakeup is awesome, can you make a tutorial on it?
I'm actually Half Polish Half Puerto Rican
Woo UK!
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