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Jaw surgery dubai Videos

Jaw Surgery Vlog 11-Journey is Done

My Journey is Done, and February 9th is my One Year Mark of having this beautiful Jaw!! Thanks for all the Support and Hope these Help!

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You're awesome. Thank you so much for making these, i absolutely can't wait until my surgery now. :)
@Tootanked4u Faceless by Message Through Motion
"wooooooooowwww, you look so handsome!
How many fillings do you have?!
waw that is really awesome
@Tootanked4u And Thanks!!
Looks wonderful.
you look amazing

Underbite jaw surgery. Vlog 8: 4 weeks post op!

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HI it's good to find someone from the UK who has had this surgery. I have to have this surgery and have had my braces on for nearly 2 years now but it is very hard to get any information about the surgery from my orthodontist. I was just wondering how far in advance you were told the date of your surgery? and also what hospital you had the surgery in? Thanks

Marco Piras| Policlinico Città di Quartu | Italy | Dental 2014 | OMICS International

Title: Aesthetic and function in orthognathic surgery 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Dental and Oral April 21-23, 2014, Dubai, UAE OMICS ...

Jaw surgery journey so far.wmv

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Sorry guys for the lack of response here....I have haad a nitemare with the waiting process. My Surgeon left the area and was left waiting and waiting....however, all sorted and nearly 2 years later I have my date - its all going ahead on June 10 th (1 week on Friday) very nervous but cant wait to have it over with. Will try and get another video done before and after too xxx Hope you are all well, any advice and tips are very welcome lol ;o)
wow! its weird looking at ur video u have the exact same problem as me im due to get surgery on february 1st im so nervous lol, i have a downword pointy chin aswell i hate it, i hope everything goes realy well for u and i cant wait to c the after results good luck :D
Hi Cheryl. How did your surgery go? Good luck with everything.
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