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Jaw surgery nhs underbite Videos

Valerie Jones - Underbite Jaw Surgery (The Night Before)

I'm FINALLY getting my jaw surgery after 7 years of braces! Sooo excited :) :)

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@giltzer14 lol thank you! but i already had it done on may 5. i just never have the time to upload the videos cus they take so long. it wasnt as bad as you thought huh? youre gonna be numb for a really long time but eventually everything gets easier :)
i had double jaw surgery last year. The surgery won't be bad that bad..even the day after is not that bad.. it is the 3rd and 4th days that are the worst. Good luck
yaa i had to do some blood work about a month before. they took 2 pints within 2 months and i did some small tests at the hospital like a week before i think.
@jaynicolaou awweee stopp ittt youre making me blush :} haha and yaa :\ i get them off by the end of the year though! and scared for what?
Hi Valerie - GOODLUCK with your surgery! I am having mine (double) on the 27th so i will be watching your recovery closely!
@Clackergille ahh ya so did i...and no it was really just uncomfortable. it went by fast though!
@valeriejones1999 twinsies :D and thanks but i got it done on may 5 haha
did you have to take blood for the surgery

Jaw Surgery - Underbite - Vlog 5

Underbite jaw surgery. Vlog 7: 3 weeks post op!

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Looking back, I wasted so much time worrying about it when it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be and it was over so quickly! So I suggest not thinking about it too much. The surgery itself went so smoothly and so many people have it done. The only thing I found difficult was feeling ill for 4 days and, while that's unpleasant, it's nothing to be scared of :) I wasn't depressed in the days after because I knew it would get better and I was so relieved to have had it done. (cont...)
I had the same problem as you, my speech was really strange for a while after my surgery .. its been 6 weeks and 3 days since mine and my tongue still has not fully adjusted to my bite so sometimes i end up not pronouncing words the way they should be pronounced! But hopefully it will get better in time. You're looking great too!
I am about to have jaw surgery and am kind of nervous! Do you have any tips or information for those approaching this type of surgery? I have an underbite - nothing major, but I still can't chew much. Were you depressed during the really bad swollen days and if so - how did you stay positive? Thank you
...However, I did feel very unwell (sickness mostly) so my mood wasn't great. I stayed positive by focusing on the outcome and reminding myself that it gets better everyday and how much I wanted to have the surgery. Good luck!! You really wont regret it :)
Thank you, that makes me feel better!! I will probably have more questions as I get closer to the surgery. Thanks
such great results , you are very beautiful !!
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