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Raw diet skin disease Videos

Flaky, red skin and other skin condition - Dr. David Jubb answers John Barnes

What is the cause of redness/irritation and flakiness on the cheeks and bottom of forehead directly above (and on the) eyebrows? - John Barnes Dr. Jubb is an ...

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Could you tell me what inflammation, redness and flakey skin on the side of the nose indicates? Would it also relate to the liver? X
Thank You!

Raw Food & What Most Illness Really is

//www.TheRawFoodWorld.com In todays raw food video I go into what illness really is.

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You don't have to do them daily & doesn't make you dependent on them. The interesting thing is that once a person is complely using living food from a blender or juicer, there's hardly any 'ash' left over in the form of feces (poop), so one does not defecate (poop) much anymore. This is nothing to be concerned about because all the living food, in the optimal liquid form for assimilation by the villi in the small intestine, is nearly immediately absorbed. I worked with Dr. Ann for over 22 years.
Use it within 20 minutes of making it. There are 1 & 2 ouce baby enema bulbs up to 8 ounces for older children. There are Fleet enema buckets & bags. Orientals train their anal muscles so that they can suck the water up. If you are not familiar with implants, first clean out the descending colon with warm water into which wheat-grass tied with an elastic or a bag tie in a bundle has been placed for at least 10 minutes. This neutralizes the chlorine & fluorine if you don't have distilled water. .
If people knew we orignated 1st as breatharians they would realize to stop eating & start fasting READ Ehret's work Rational Fasting & The Muscusless Diet Healing System One can't grasp what they don't try to experience on their own their mind corresponds to their plugged colons. They cannot grasp getting off the SAD & the cooked vegan diet is just as bad Raw mucusless vegan & fast. It's obvious enemas & fasting as healing modalities have been around FOREVER Disease is obstructions in the body.
Yes - colon cleansing is very useful - but it does not heal! It is the body - the living body (with some life force left in it) - that is the only thing that does the healing!!!! We must give our bodies the best conditions possible for its living work! Sun, breathe clean air, clean diet, clean out toxins, lower pollution around us AND our stress levels, that cause toxic conditions in us - the list goes on! Keep spreading the info Matt. Thank you for living by example and sharing outcomes! Yeah!
Since being at the Raw Spirit Festivals in Sedona, Santa Barbara & Patuxent, I've certified in Plant Based Nutrition with Drs. Colin Campbell & Caldwell Esselstyn. See "Forks Over Knives" & "The Extended Interviews" free on Netflix to show to your families. These MDs are learning how powerful living foods are. I went to the March '12 Holistic Holiday at Sea to meet Dr. & Mrs. Cousens (Tree of Life Foundation in AZ) & when the docs saw me dance for hours, they paid attention to the raw energy!.
If you don't get better following what he is advising, which for most people would be very rare. Then you might be infected with lyme and it's co-infections: these are spirochete and protozoa illnesses that enjoy non toxic living. I found this to be my case, now would I stop following what he advocates because it didn't heal my lyme. No WAY, this helps for every disease. But if you aren't getting better, please investigate lyme as a culprit. It will save your life. Research Buhner protocol.
lol sad to know the truth sometimes... Good stuff I can't wait to see the wholefoods diet. Thats what i'm doing. Wholefoods is easy to digest and satasfying and your right it is more grounding and way easier on your mental side of things. If you eat light airy and cold you may become that way mentally and physically from what i've read. Also i am learning about Liver and Gall bladder flushes and how helpful they are for healing it seems like i can handle gluten and lactose way better so far.
BTW, my husband's dad just found out that he has pancreatic cancer. My hubby has been telling (and so did I) ways that he could help himself b4 he gets worse. Pancreatic cancer is also what alcoholics have (my father in law does not drink alcohol, but for 30+ years sodas and such drinks). We told him B4 he was diagnosed to run away from the hospital, doctors, meds and consider changing his fuel (food he eats). We told him to eat EZ digestible foods (green juices and do enemas). Guess what?
Hey, I've been watching and listening to you for years and this is my first comment. Don't be sad, you've helped me more than you know. I understand your frustration with the mass brainwashing that goes on especially thru the orthodox medical community and processed food industry. I've been on my own detox path since the late 70's when I first came across Ehret's material. I know you know and I know too but I struggle to stay on the path. I'm crying tears of love and gratitude for you guys.
It's pretty E.Z the whole enema thing... -Your trash in the kitchen is full... you empty it cause it'll stink, rot, ferment, and it's gross (specially if ya don't compost). -Your intestine in your belly is full of (u got my drift), so you empty it otherwise you get gross stuff such as gas, crap, that clog you up (like your sink being clogged up. yuck)... so you empty it... aka, poop it out, but oh!!! It ain't working well enough though with pooping cause, you have too much stuff in there...
I disagree with you 100%. I have no idea what you are talking about. I see many people of all different ages in a retail environment. They both look radiant and wonderful - mind you, not in an airbrushed, fake tan, overly made up kind of way. I think the idea that they have aged quickly is a bunch of bunk. Furthermore, aging is as much or more an inside job then the outer appearance. I'm still blown away that Angela gave birth to her first child after only 90 minutes of labor. Unbelievable
Matt you are 1 of the smartest raw guru's out there, Maybe use the word obstructions to cover more area. The cause's of mucus secretions r the result of the bodies intelligence recognizing poisons. Germs, bacteria & foreign particles r always found in the mucus, nowhere else. This is how the body removes obstructions/poisons via the mucus. There r 2 kinds of foods: Acid/mucus forming, and Acid/mucus Binding. The foods to eat r fruits & leafy starchless vegetables (herbs). few nuts seeds
Matt, I am inendated with fear of the unknown when going through with detox. I bring myself to tears thinking about my hopes and dreams...I don't want to take pharma drugs any longer. I have mild bipolar disorder and I honestly don't know where to begin in my search for knowledge. I am sick physically and spiritually. I have been following you and Angela since you came out with your first ebook and "teamed" up with her. I had purchased her ebook and found it to be so honest, knowledge,

Toby Eating Raw

Skin Disease Eczema-Beat It Now

//www.VanishEczema.net Eczema is a painful and irritating skin disease that can be cured if treated correctly (especially when natural eczema remedies are ...

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I'm sorry but, no matter what you can do u can NEVER GET RID OF ECZEMA!! You can do things to help the ichness or the pain but never u can't "cure" it! It's an auto immune disorder!
I have eczema...
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