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Wedding videos zzz Videos

zZz - Amanda

music: Amanda by zZz, album: Running with the Beast This video was shot at the wedding of Mark & Ans Klaverstijn Sept. 2008 as a wedding present by Roel ...

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wtf have you people been listening to? i stuumpled upon this video... and i regret it. this is HORRIBLE! fuck... a minute 30 now.... AHH my ears are bleeding.. shit... okay... about to hit 2 minutes. fuck fuck im about to headbutt my computer.. 2 minutes and 15 seconds, can life get any worse then this? wtf is up with that dudes eyes? WTF ohhh shit im scared... fuck this video 2:32 seconds
Awesome! I didn't realize jumping could be so fun. I guess I'll get out of this chair (tomorrow) and jump around some. :D Great song and video!!
@davovincent2 true that! ian curtis his voice can't be topped of crouse ;-) although this is a good effort.
Sounds great, but i thought they only had drums and hammond? I clearly hear a bass line in it!
You... rock.. my... world... This is the reason you are the only channel i subscribe to.
@WhiskeyArjan they used a drum machine here, so maybe the drummer played bass.
Where do they come up with such great ideas for their videos!? :O
Ian from Joy Division would be proud, nice and dark and sexy!
good call @ 2:15! that made me laugh! great video idea!
Yes, all of your stuff is something special. I love it!
sounds very much like ian curtis is singing
thay should do the jump with fat people XD
erm... id like to jump that chick at 3:25

The Pink Panther in "Pink Z-Z-Z"

A cat keeps Pink awake. The Pink Panther is awakened by a meowing cat. After several unsuccessful attempts to quiet the cat, the cat follows the Panther inside ...

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I remember the good old days of watching this in Malaysia
+sheepdynamite cartoon network
Poor cat bad dog and poor pink panther 
poor pink panther.  Can not get any sleep.  I guess that is why I have no pets.  
Hafsala che 

GAY WEDDING TALKS?! * vlog day ; *

hi everyone!! i will be uploading another vlog soon so do subscribe to stay tuned (; follow my social media accounts : ask.fm @/xinqi_ instagram @/kariniazzz ...

Best of Bossa Nova Covers 2015 - Relaxing Music & Video (1 hour)

For your delight, we made a selection of bossa covers of popular songs from all time. Enjoy the list we compiled for you with beautiful images and smooth music!

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Una maravilla de musica para mis oidos !!!! Felicitaciones me super facino ese gran repertorio de covers y arreglos para un riquisimo Bossa Nova de lo mejor saludos
+Fel motos Thank you very much. Our pleasure!
OMG! Im so glad I found this channel. Keep uploading more covers. Please!
+kevints852 We will continue working on it. Thank you!
I luv it♡♥♡♥♡
genial bossa nova
Is there any possibility in downloading it?
+Iruam Candido.. You can listen or buy all these tracks in Spotify  or iTunes for exemple just searching by Relaxing Bossa Lounge.
I am sure that you are very great People. You did this list I am listening very Glad.
+Brazil Bossa Studio que rs
+Iruam Candido.. Our pleasure!
Me ha encantado. Me suscribo. Felicidades.
+José Luis Villatoro Arquero Gracias José Luis. Visota nuestro canal y encontrarás muchos mas videos como el que te ha encantado. Thanks !!!
I'm working at english~um~mechou~mechou~one day o~mechou~
+군자표변과유불급 but he is guided dy self- interest~bad`
+ARMp Y Thank you very much!
Desde mi 7mo mes de embarazo es lo que escucho... sencillamente divina esta recopilación!! Me encanta y relaja!! Gracias por hacerlo!
+Marianella Vielma Muchas gracias! And congratulations for the next born!

Hakan Sukur - !!!zzz###TECHNO###zzz!!!

Hakan Şükür (born September 1, 1971 in Sakarya, Turkey) is a Turkish footballer who plays as a striker. He has received the nickname "King (Kral)"[1] from his ...

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Futbol tarihinde en sevmediğim adam. İnsan oruçlu oruçlu maça çıkar mı? Kaleciyle karşı karşıya auta atar mı?(Atar ama kral diye lakap takıldıysa) Ümit Karan bunun yedeğiydi. Ümit Karadan bundan fazla gol atıyordu. Sadece isim diye bunu oynatıyorlardı.
klibin orjinalinde kenan doğulu çalıyo ama bu şarkı muhteşem klibi berbat etmiş.
hakan sükürü "KRALI" sevmeyen ÖLSÜN!!!
kral işte kral varmı başka kral
ayoo tech in thechnoloji
Hasiktir ordan lavuk :D

The zZz's Show! Drake Disses Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Zayn Malik signs with RCA, Key Lime Pie Oreos

Welcome back, guys! We are back! Today we hit our first mini-milestone 50 subscribers! It might not seem like a lot but for a month that is pretty dope! Thanks ...

Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet.flv

2004: Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and ...

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@Lovelife1212, for your information I have never hit my child, no matter what she does, so as a parent, mind your own business. I have 3 wonderful daughters and we all are very close, but the last one wants to do what she wants to do, not that I never showed her love or discipline, I just never had to whip my kids. Reread what I wrote before you go poking your nose in my business. I am not a whipping mother, I believe in letting her learn from experience since she thinks she knows more than me
@thebert191 omg! are you joking. Disobedient because its parents like you that find abuse the only option. You comment is just as sickening and disgusting as this video. I will be praying for you girl and you as well. EVERY kid at one point is disobedient thats when you sit and talk not take the shit out of them. this is CHILD ABUSE not any discipline. You lost control because you unfortunately were never able to understand your children to begin with. Im sorry harsh words, but think about it!
@Lovelife1212 I am also a law student, studying to be an attorney....go figure if I have ever abused my children...OMG...and stop swearing for crying out loud. Clean up your own back yard before you try to step into mine. This judge sees everyday what happens to people, to teens who are out of control, get sent straight to the pen for life and all because they did not listen and by the way, what was the cam doing on if she was just playing games and listening to music. Who was recording this?
We can't pick our parents! Hillary was between a rock and a hard spot. Even though she should have charged him with aggravated assault, physical and mental abuse, she could really stick it to him and go to college on his dime, and become a reputable judge, to show him what it really means! She'll wake up the next day, far, far away from him, but he will always wake up stupid! You just can't fix stupid! We are strong! They are weak! From another belt survivor, Best regards to you Hillary!
discipline is necessary. this child is too old to be disobeying the rules and principals set forth by her parents, if you want your child to watch porn, have babies in high school and ruin their future, that is fine. but let people discipline their children, this man is a judge, he sends people to prison everyday. why would he want that for his own child. he didn't beat her with his fist or hit her above the waist. i don't get what you are upset about...
I have an 18 year old who is totally out of control because at 16, she thought she was grown and I didn't whip her like I should have now it is too late, the child should have turned over and took her whippen. Still being disobedient, she choses to not turn over, her choice, she knows the consequences. I feel as though the parents should continue to stand their ground. We could have seen worse, we have lost control of our kids and the world wonders???
To the people who think that beating a child like this is alright, and that children need discipline of this kind, you are horribly mistaken. It is not only illegal to abuse your child in this manner, but it is immoral and it is against god. I don't want this man to be beaten, or abused for what he has done to his own daughter. I want him to be imprisoned for 18 years, and forced to watch this video everyday, all day, for all 18 years.
This dude came back in the room at 3:06 about to go war talking about "I never got my lick in on her!!" LMBO!! This is insane and so fake. She is screaming and faking cause she obviously knows the camera is on! She keeps screaming stop it, who does that when they are being disciplined? O-o....I'm sorry but it sounds like good acting! *kanye shrug*
It says .. She has had ataxic cerebral palsy from birth that led her to a passion for technology, ... they knew this and should not have gotten her the computer ... and spanking is one thing .. I my self dont believe in the use of belts or objects to spank your kids if it hurts your hand to spank them then your hitting them to hard ...
These are evil parents, if they can even be called that. How many times did they hit this child? He even says she needs to be beaten into submission. He needs to lose his job of overseeing the welfare of children ASAP. I'd like to be in a room with him for 7 minutes, I'll show you what a coward he is.
I would just like the chance to beat him with a belt. I have been beat with belts and it hurts. If you beat your child and have 't to go before this ass hole, he would have put you in jail and taken away your kids. He must really think he is a big tough guy. I see him only one way, he is a bastered.
The only thing that I see wrong was the foul words the judge was using. Parents have the right to woop their children. It's the world who thinks it's wrong and that's why the devil is having a field day destroying theirs lives. The bilbe states it in Proverbs 23:13-14, read it for youself.
Now I HAVE been spanked with a belt... It sucks. Multiple times too. Now what makes this video NOT right is the fact the he hits her in the legs and everywhere else on her. I understand on the butt, but as for everywhere else... No not cool, and for a stupid reason too. Poor girl.

JJ & the Zzz Monster! - Video for 2012 SG Drypers Best Ever Sleeper award

Pls vote Aeson's video- "JJ & the Zzz Monster" for SG Drypers Best Ever Sleeper award at ...

Tony & Debby's Wedding Video

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