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Plumbeeze pressure switch Videos

How to install a Water tank pressure switch.

Today im installing a" water tank pressure switch. Title: Whiskey on the Mississippi (Creative Commons music for download) Artist: Kevin MacLeod Album: Funk ...

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First of all I should of started my last comment with a THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME VID!! Out of many many we watched yours was the most descriptive and helpful so thank you! I think we have figured it out it is a small tube that was half full of really dirty water. It looks like a tube you would use in a fish tank the air filter etc...
+Lovbeinamom Thanks for watching. I know what system your talking about now. That tube is to supply air pressure to the switch. If it is plugged you wouldn't get proper pressure to the switch. Glad you got it working.
There was this small brass screw thing coming from the tank that held the plastic tube. The screw was clogged and my husband cleaned it out and now the pump is working, I think we did not need the new pressure switch after all
We have watched this vid a hundred times and cannot find anything about the small tube that runs from the pressure switch to the pump? Are you suppose to fill it with water? With air? We have been trying to fix our crap for 2 days and have done everything you have said but still the pump runs runs and runs????
+Lovbeinamom What small tube?
Why do you spend most of your time screwing the unit on and skipping over the important parts about adjusting pressure?
+Norman Wei Sorry! The video was " How to INSTALL a water tank pressure switch). The video was not on adjusting water pressure, but If you watch the video to 5:08 I explain how to adjust the water pressure in the tank. Thanks for watching.
thank you thank you .
+Debbie Hutton Thanks for watching. Glad it helped.
Great video Mike. I found your tutorial very easy to follow!
+Blacktied0 Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.
Hey Mike, great vid. Just a few questions as I am getting ready to replace my switch today. Had a 30-50 in it and wanted to install 40-60. What do you think? Second question, why did you inject air in water line or wherever it went? What did you inject it into? I don't understand that part of the vid. Please explain. after looking at vid again, looks like you have some kind of valve installed on water line. I don't have this, so do I have to fill tank up to do this procedure? Also is it a good idea to install one of these air inlet valves since I am going to drain my tank to install new switch? Never saw one of those on there before, just on top of my pressure tank is only place I have seen those tire valves. thanks for your help
+Mikes Homestead tank pressure should be 1 to 2 psi less than fut in pressure.
The 40-60 switch is fine, if the tank is capable. The reason for the air. The tank has to be half and half.  Half water, half air. Your tank should have a air valve that kinda looks like the one on your car tire.  Thats how you build pressure. Without the air pressure, the water pump will just kick on and off. I hope this helps. Thanks for watching. Mike

how to wire a pressure switch by www watersystempartscom

This video shows how to wire a typical well pump pressure switch.

Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Replacement

Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Replacement. Here is a video on how to replace a swimming pool filter pressure guage. This one leaks and both the gauge and ...

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Great video. Tells you all you need to know about replacing filter gauge and valve. I ordered these parts on line, but of course there were no directions with product. Guess the company assumes the pool owner replaces this valve every day. Thanks to Mike Klimek
Thanks. I'm a widow taking care of our family pool. Now I feel able to fix my leaking valve!
Was it leaking water, or air?

hydrolec adjusting the relief valve

this hydrolec video shows how to adjust the relief valve.

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Excellent video, very hard to find this kind of info.
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