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Gerson therapy new jersey Videos

Mirror Therapy Helps Patients Reduce Pain, Gain Mobility in Limbs

Graded motor imagery, also called mirror therapy, uses a mirror to trick a patient's brain into perceiving a disabled limb as functioning and non-painful.

my raw food angels in NJ helped me so much!!! | dara dubinet

//tommyanton.com/ their site :) //www.supersimplesuperfoods.com/ [email protected] ...

User Comments

Huge respect and love for you, Abbey, Tommy, and all that you do. I live in jersey too, am a raw foods chef, and just appreciate the knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and love that you share with your friends and those around you. Thank you and many blessings (and a little hug too :) You deserve all that light.
I saw Tommy and Abbey a few times around the Jersey shore. At the past Thanksgiving in Asbury Park, I got a chance to talk to them. Lovely people. They did great music too, very calming. I felt compelled to talk to them and take pictures. They were very patient.
I found Tommy's music video that Abby was talking about, but it won't let me post the link. It's fantastic! Just google Tommy Anton and you'll find it. Can't wait to hear more music from Tommy & Abby! So cool that your Mom kept asking for them!
Hi Dara, I know you get a lot of fan comments but I just wanted to let you know that I feel you are the heart and soul of the raw food movement (for lack of a better term for the lifestyle). I find your videos to be so motivating and calming!
I don't often comment, but I need to say that you lighten my life in so many ways and open up new avenues of thought and introspection for me thru the sharing of your own journey. I feel like you show an angelic spirit to many. Many thanks.
Yes Dara you still are the sexiest raw vegan on the planet! Beautiful video, with such an amazing alchemical couple acting like New Jersey is California and making it so! So that the raw vegan message and lifestyle can grow!
WOW....just wow! I need to watch this video when I'm feeling stressed! I LOVE their music! I am one of the lucky ones to have ridden in Tommy's angel chariot! What a beautiful last evening in NJ you had, Dara!
very very beautiful video.. the lightning, the sunset, the atmosphere, the Ocean, the people, friendship and love! Thanks for this video! Thank you Dara! many hugs and have a great Sunday! Valentina (Italy)
Beautiful Earth Angel Dara.....Abby & Tommy are simply divine! Love, love the chariot! I believe Chariots should be everywhere.....Kaboom! Loved his song too. Loved the beauty of love in this video...XOX
Dara, I love how open to receiving love you are! My goal in life is to be able to truly open my heart like that. You are so open to the Universe, and it literally shines right through you!
Beautiful video with beautiful people! I know Abby has a class at deans coming up this week, wish I was feeling better, I would of loved to attend. Hopefully next time!
I'm teaching superfoods classes this week at all Dean's Natural Food Market stores. Monday in Shrewsbury, Tuesday in Ocean, Wednesday in Basking Ridge.
I love their energy, their music! Hope all that energy spreads to the southern part of new jersey! i'm doing my part to spread the word.
She has raw food demonstration classes at Deans. It is in NJ, they have 3 locations, she does the same class on different days at all 3. Thank you! :(
One more thing, there aren't any links to Tommy and Abbeys info or videos. That music was so amazing!!! Peace and love.

El Milagro Gerson - The Gerson Miracle - parte 6-10 sub español

Documental de la terapia Gerson, que incluye datos importantes sobre la dieta, las toxinas y la forma de vivir más sanos. Involucra varios manifiestos de ...

Documentary in Defense of ‘The NJ 4′ Premieres

The documentary 'Out in the Night' tells the story of a group of lesbian women who were arrested after one of them stabbed a man they say harassed and ...
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