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Cosmetology schools fbi Videos

Hair Evidence

Mr. Zietz details the structure of hair, distinguishes human and animal hair, and explains some ways hair is used as physical evidence.

FBI Training Video: Examination of Hair and Fibers, Tires and Shoe Impressions

//thefilmarchive.org/ Fiber analysis is a method of identifying and examining fibers used by law enforcement agencies around the world to procure evidence ...

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3:31 through 5:04 hair

FBI admits its hair analysis was flawed for decades

The FBI is notifying hundreds of defendants across the country that their convictions involved expert testimony that may have been wrong. As Julianna Goldman ...

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Great story. This is the number one reason why the death penalty should be abolished everywhere. There will always be innocents being murdered by the people as long as it stays, and that's just sickening. People that are ok with that happening have serious ethical screws loose.
+billmaher4tw I agree with you 100%

FBI Acknowledges Widespread Flaws In Forensic Hair Analysis

The flawed analysis and testimony has contributed to at least 32 death-penalty cases reviewed so far, and about 1200 more cases will be assessed. Follow ...

FBI Admits to Flawed Hair Analysis Testimonies

The FBI and Justice Department have formally admitted to giving flawed hair analysis testimonies in hundreds of trials over more than a two-decade period ...

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+MisterThomasPAINE2 +TheCaptainSlappy I met Ray Krone a couple of weeks ago. He was giving a speech at a Project Innocence get together here at a local university. He was in prison for ten years, wrongfully convicted of a murder. What was the prosecution's main piece of evidence that led to such an erroneous decision? Bite marks on the victim's body. Talked to him afterwards, and he is one of the few that received compensation, but only after almost five years of legally battling with them. Many people receive jack squat.
+The Smark My next serious video, I should say (of which thoust has been few). Because lulz can happen at any second, a spontaneous, pile-of-crap upload by thy can happen as well.In lulz we trust.
+The Smark My next video will cover a man wrongly convicted and the lengths a degenerate BAR and a degenerate State corporation went to trying to keep him behind bars.It should be a Hoot.
+TheCaptainSlappy Nicely tweeted! But..but... the FBI a.k.a., the "Zero Points of Comparison Necessary" detective squad can't be wrong! They sit on high, watching the peasants below. Oh please, toss me some more cheese, Mr. Feeb! I want something to go with my company crackers.
The FBI has never been wrong. HOW DARE U, SIR! HOW DARE U!

FBI admits decades of flawed hair Analysis Marc J Victor Commentary KTAR Radio

Marc J Victor talks about the FBI admitting to flaws in it's hair analysis used in court cases for decades. How important is this kind of evidence in court cases?

FBI Forensics Unit - Flaws in Hair Analysis Led To Convictions

Richard French speaks with Sen. Richard Blumenthal about the recent revelations about the FBI's forensics unit.

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This should concern us all. Innocent people in prison and some executed.
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