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Mac cosmetics celebrity endorsements Videos

Kim Kardashian Inspired Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial

What I used for this look! Urban Decay Primer Potion MAC Espresso Eyeshadow Too Faced Sexspresso Eyeshadow from Natural Eye palette MAC Antiqued ...

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@xhappilyneverafter But to answer your question my foundation in this video was a mix between Revlon Superstay 24 Hour foundation of Classic Beige and Natural Tan (applied with a damp sponge) and for a moisturizer I use DDF Moisture Dew (the regular, not the SPF one) and then Make Up Break Up to remove my make up. You're way too kind girl. My skin is so far from perfect I promise! also on my cheeks I wore Nars Nico but forgot to show it. It makes them look more soft focussed :)
@Lubochkaaa Hey girl, I had to go through a LOT of that actually. What you want to ask for is cool toned brown. This is unfortunately my natural color so I don't do anything to it. Let the stylist know you're looking for an ashy brown and not a warm brown. Warm browns have red in their bases so that's why you get that really reddish tone to your hair as it fades. I used to HATE that haha but my stylists ALWAYS thought red tones looked good --- I did NOT haha :)
@sophiegtv HAHA okay Sophie I totally just deleted the message that was here before, if it went to your inbox you already know why HAHA I'm laughing my butt off "you always make me the best compliments" hahaha German fob talk HEHE jk, Hope he sees this haha. You're such a sweetheart girl, love you to little bits and pieces... atoms actually, little atoms and molecules!!! :D And also girl there is NO FREAKING WAY I even hold a candle to Kim, she's PERFECT!!!
@ingriddoll90 Hey there! I do both actually. Where I live we don't get much sun so I go to a tanning salon. This summer I stared working with a European tanning lotion brand so I've been using their products! :) The brands are Tannymaxx and Hawaiiana sometimes I will use Sun Labs aerosol self tanner as well on my face mainly! I don't tan often because I know it isn't good for your skin but a few times a month when I do :) Hope that helps!!
@kaylathefashiongirl Wow... I'm definitely not, I seriously promise. No one believes me but without makeup I'm seriously average! I am so flattered that you like my personality and all the rest, that's such a huge compliment to me. OH and guess what? My eyelashes aren't that great at all, guess why? Cause I have anterior blepharitis which causes them to fall out periodically, like LOTS, to the point where I can't wear mascara!! It's awful!
I copied this look today using my own colors, and it looks so pretty! Thank you! I love how you layer your shadows and explain how it will make a gold stand out or whatever the reasoning is. Even though I didn't use the same shadows as you, I could see how layering brought out the colors in my own eyeshadows. So cool! I'm wearing this look just to go do errands. xD So thank you for making me feel like Kim Kardashian for a day!
@MsSarahkay612 Awww I'm seriously so flattered girl!! I am glad you appreciated the layering. I didn't have the shadow color that I needed so I created it by mixing colors! Thank you so so much. Layering does make a really cool blend of colors because you're essentially making your own! HAHA I love that you're wearing it to do errands! :D Thank you for trying my tutorial, seriously I am SO flattered. Love ya girl!
Hi! Just wanted to say I really appreciate your videos! They're so informative, easy to follow and best of all as an over 30 girl, I can use your looks without looking like I'm trying to look 'too young'. It seems like you also give a lot of helpful and kind advice to your younger viewers which I think is so fantastic:) Keep up the great work & all the best to you! From a fellow Canadian:))
@Lisadorable96 Hi Lisa, super danke, es bedeutet mir so viel dass du meine Videos so gerne magst. Lass mich wissen was Du in Zukunft sehen möchtest und ich versuche es für Dich zu filmen. Ja klar, ich werde auch versuchen noch häufiger Videos hier hochzuladen. Oh btw ein Freund von mir hat mir beim Übersetzen geholfen. Viele Grüsse aus dem Westen Kanadas :)
@MoonbeamShimmerBlitz i like using the sun labs lotion and spray but ill look into the other brands.. i've never tanned in a tanning bed im really pale and i turn red not bronze :( but i just hate the fact that i have to go out and buy another shade of make up thats why i dnt really tan that often..thanks for taking ur time to respond :)
@missfashionista21 I'm sorry that you feel that way about me looking so washed out I guess. I don't want to dye my hair because it damages it, and I do tutorials I get requests on. I have gotten a ton of Kim Kardashian requests and a lot of my requests are similar. I'm sorry that you don't like my videos or the way I look.
@amazingcococake Oh my gosh so sorry for the delayed reply I haven't been on this video in ages! My hair is just blown out straight here with a ceramic roundbrush and then I added a little volume at the roots! :) And also, if you were me you would DEFINITELY not be satisfied I promise!! Thank you SO SO MUUCH girl!! :)
@Megadane Wow, that's such a huge compliment to me. I'm so happy that you find my videos useful. I hear a lot of comments about how they are too neutral or boring but I really like wearing makeup that is complementary and not taking over my face so I really really appreciate that! Thank you very much!!! :)

Mac Makeup Starter Kit : Makeup Staples

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Miley Cyrus' Glamorous MAC Makeup Promo

Most Shocking Miley Cyrus Instagrams▻▻//bit.ly/17wV6m7 More Celebrity News ▻▻ //bit.ly/SubClevverNews Miley Cyrus has teamed up with MAC ...

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MISTY Miriam plz come back
I miss these gals too, but you'll see them pop back here and there!! :)
when is it come out I want it 
you can buy it online now
my birthday :)
All i heard was that Miley Cyrus has aids, good for her
She never said that? Although I gurantee her freinds do, thats why she compains this
In NZ these products would be near $100
buy them from the US website and use a forwarding service. It's a lot cheaper. And if you buy them now you'll probably get them before they come out here. I ordered mine last night.

Lorde Scores Own MAC Cosmetic Lipstick Line

Subscribe to Splash News: //smarturl.it/SplashSub Lorde will reportedly collaborate with MAC Cosmetics to develop her own lipstick line. Splash News is ...


WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL BEAUTIESSSSSSS i had the most amazing time in NYC i cannot wait to go back for IMATS and then move there soon.. follow me ...

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Your gorgeous love the hat
+Andrea Fonseca thank you so much
Love you hat! I love finding small youtubers and sharing each others channels! Check out my Beauty Channel! Keep it up, Subbed! ^_^
+Jiselle Wilson me as well congrats and thank you
Your haul looks amazing. I'm glad you had fun in NY
+Avenue 50 oh it was sooo amazing
I was in NYC from the 4-11!!! 
We should!
+Farris Jackson we should talk more for sure we were at all the same places
I loved it I didn't want to leave. I went crazy at Mac and sephora and the elf brush is amazing I got it when there as well
+Farris Jackson i was there the 10 - 13 its amazing
hey i love your channel
np +Stephanie seager 
+audny stewart thank you soooo much

ENG 333 Project 3


Hello beautifuls! Read on for GIVEAWAY DETAILS.... I'm so excited to be offering my first EVER giveaway. Trust me when I say I did not have high expectations ...

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I am fine with celebrities having their own makeup line, BUT, I feel like it has to live up to their standards and I feel like they would wear it. For example the Kardashions makeup line Khroma, I feel like it was very cheep and not good products, but when you think of the Kardashions you think of rich and luxurious but their makeup line did not deliver I feel like they would NEVER wear it,a nd theat they will put their name on everything that they can. I follow u on Twitter @truelyablonde
I'm fine with celebrities putting their name on products, fans love it! It's a great way for them to feel more close to the celebs I think (Idk, does that make sense? xD) and they can feel more connection with celebs when putting on those products. But it'll be kind of weird (or just me) if they have names and images on undergarments, but hey - if fans want to wear them, why not? haha Thanks for this giveaway, I really want to try out these fabulous items! You are so pretty :)
I used to think it Was such a Dumb thing if celebrities put out a product they don't use or make, because it made me think they could lie about everything else they say but when they have a more unknown model for a product nothing really assures us that what they are using is actually the product they advertise, like everything else in life I guess you gotta try it out for yourself and judge the quality of the product without considering the brand so much :)
Although you know also everybody's entitled to their own opinion and there are products that aren't really endorsed by any celebrity and many different people have mixed feelings about them, the quality of a product doesn't change just because someone else says it's good famous or not and different people may think differently about the exact same product :D btw I looooved your makeup in this video, your entire outfit really :D
i think that for the celebrities is great that they bring out different product because in this way they get more famous..but sometimes those thing turn out to be complete rubbish so in this case they disappoint the fans mostly and loose a part of their fame..but anyway i think that fans love to get celebrities products because they feel special like they always have a part of the celebrities with them ... :D
I think it's great for celebrity's like Little Mix, Justin Bieber and One Direction to bring out Makeup or Perfume products because some of their other merchandise like bracelets and bags look like they are more aimed towards younger fans but with the makeup and perfumes I think they are better for the teenage fans because teenagers will use them and get use out of the item. :)
Well I though like justin bringing out nail Polish was weird because he was a guy but it's actually a quite smart way of making money and since their main audience are teen girls 1D is doing a brilliant job! I'm in Mexico and I didn't even know they put out a makeup line until this video and it's not available here yet which sucks it looks super cute :D
I think it's nice of one direction bringing out their makeup, especially those girl that love makeup and one direction! They actually cared about the product for their Directioner! Most of the other celebrities, they care less about their makeup and how it looks. They look like they just want the money, because they know most people will buy it. 
Hey guys! I'm very excited to say I have chosen a winner and messaged them to let them know, so I'm awaiting a response before I announce it officially in next week's video. I also wanted to say it was SO hard to choose and thank you all so much for your fantastic comments. They were so good I'm considering some "runner-up" prizes, so stay tuned! xxx
The only bad thing I find in the whole celebrity bringing out things is that if it's not something they would use, they shouldn't endorse it because it seems more fake but nothing guarantees that for example female celebrities actually use and like what they endorse so It just makes us realize you really can't judge a product by its advertisement :)
I think celebrities put there names or picture on product or any merchandise so that people could use those merchandise to support there idol's or they could use those merchandise for there fashion. But some celebrities put there names or pictures in any merch to earn money so that they could help charities.❤ im proud to be a directioner
It was good for use their name to make new brand. For example some of celebrities brand aren't a good product I mean the quality (their smell or packaging) but bcoz they celebrities all and what they do we found good and interesting to try same like this hehe I found it is good to try 1d new product. Xoxo :)
It's alright i suppose..It depends on what the put their name but it's good because they help the makeup line as an example for 1D and the makeup line.They just have to watch to who they claim the makeup to be because younger fans don't put makeup and this will maybe cause problems..All in all it's okay ^.^

Rihanna RiRi Perfume Ad Campaign Makeup Tutorial Video

Another celebrity inspired makeup tutorial and this time it's Rihanna! This look is from her RiRi perfume ad campaign. Hope you like it! Products Used: Face: Soy ...

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Been watching you years and your lighting is still terrible.
Seems like she could be recording this at night time with some type of desk lamp situation for lighting...still awesome
+Tracey Smith could be the camera
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