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MediGYM Health Professionals Promo.mov

www.medigym.com.au MediGYM: Committed for over 10 years. Building a Stronger Community, One Person at a Time. We are known on the Lower North Shore ...

#朵拉小妞#My favourite spring/summer lipsticks||春夏季爱用唇膏分享

[email protected]朵拉小妞products mentioned Giorgio Armani #300 Tom ford #08 Flamingo Tom ford #12 Nude vanilla Chichi lipstick # Blonde Ambition YSL lip stain ...

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哦 copy cat~这个其实是她在跟着你 这个不用担心啊 是好事儿~她能copy你的style 但是她copy不了你的思想啊 不用担心 做自己就好!
我夏季混油 冬天混合微微偏干
我觉得你涂tom ford 特好看 比涂裸色好看 哈哈哈哈哈
+connie luo 8号那个
显脏 有没有!
哈哈哈 让您受累啦~
自从第一次看了你的视频后,打开YouTube必须看你是否有更新。 不但人漂亮,而且感觉人特别开朗、耿直,祝你天天开心,永远美丽!爱你~~
超级感动 谢谢你呀~
说话大喘气儿哈哈哈哈 好可爱啊啊啊啊啊
哈哈哈 大喘气我的特色 我醉了 。。。
谢谢你的支持和夸奖 还有很多需要学习的 !

The Chasers War On Everything - Muslim ID Cards

The Chasers Survey Americans To See How Many Think Muslims Should Carry An ID Card ***LEGAL*** The Traintoy Publishing Logos Used In This Clip Are ...

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STOP USA NAZISM.. loonwatch. com/2010/08/sioa-co-founder-kill-your-liberal-relatives-and-all-muslims dailykos. com/story/2010/8/3/890055/-SIOA-co-founder:-kill-your-liberal-relatives-and-all-Muslims spencerwatch. com loonwatch. com/2010/08/robert-spencer-david-horowitz-cash-in-on-hate tv.gawker. com/5609824/jon-stewart-calls-out-those-blindly-opposed-to-ground-zero-mosque tinyu rl. com/JewsPretendToBeExtremeMuslims takeourworldback. com/zionistcrimes.htm tiny. cc/UsaNazism tiny. cc/SoulOfAmerica
We Europeans like to laugh about how fat, uneducated, racist bastards Americans are, but unfortunatly, we in Europe are fat, uneducated and racist as well... Maybe even more so... We had Hitler... And we will probably have the next Hitler, if there ever is one. When muslims bomb people go "Damn muslims", when that Norwegian terrorist shot those 90 children because he hated muslims, people went "maybe he has right ideas, even tho his actions are horrible", people are generally insane and stupid.
A video both hilarious and horrible at the same time. Yes it was referencing nazi methods - first the hated/demonised person having to wear some kind of badge or id (eg gays had to wear pink triangles, jews had to wear stars), second their detention, third their being tattoed with numbers. How quickly the so-called "land of the free" and "home of the brave" forgets the lessons of Hitler's Germany. I can only hope my own countrymen aren't so ignorant, but I would be a fool to think it so.
i cant see the link between jews and nazis and asking muslims to carry a small piece of plastic. Your reply comes at an interesting time tho, considering they caught another one trying to plane bomb the usa over christmas. Makes you wonder tho, i mean yemen is like the most backwards nowhere country, lol if usa invaded yemen you would probably increase their quality of life... so who was really behind it? Is it really worth the risk to innocent lives not to monitor muslims?
"39% of respondents favored requiring Muslims, including US citizens, to carry a special ID." Well, I'm sure results can't be skewed in any way due to selective sampling, observer bias, or misleading questions. Although I hope they were misled by the above methods, because if these rednecks seriously believe this, they're the ones that should have to have a special ID, one that warns people of the gravitational pull from the vacuum between their ears.
America wages war against the Muslims, not the other way around. Compare 9/11 (3000 deaths) with Iraqi civilian casualties (1.294.600 deaths + 5 million orphans). Muslims have been living peacefully among americans for decades, it's a bit odd to throw all that away because 20 SAUDI's did a attack on American soil. This video shocked me, looks like some American civilians are groomed for this: "HEIL OBAMA, put all muslims on trains and gas them..!"
You are right, first identify and isolate them etc. But only jews had to wear star of david in the street. The Pink triangle (male homosexual) or black triangle (female homosexual) were signs that were on concentration camp uniforms not in the street. I came across it in an article recently.
i am not a fan of Islam but this is stupid and radical racist imagine a man came from a muslim country and he is secular by his own and yet people labelize him and say you are muslim and can't be sth else BTW i think 9 / 11 was a CIA job co-operated with mossad .a big thumb down ! LOL
Only shows the stupidity arrogance and the level of racism that americans have against a religion they dont know two things about lol ps I am muslim and i found this heaps funny hahahaha Thank god I live in Aust
I think its a fantastic idea. Its perfectly sane to monitor those that have attacked you, even at war with you. Nobody forces muslims to live in the USA, if they dont like it then they can go and live elsewhere.
Hey I'm really looking to get into the publishing industry and wondered if you had any tips? Like how have you managed to get the funds to publish these things on the internet? Keep up the good work!
ummmm racist im a muslim what would i do 9/11 was a long time and no i dont think i should carry round a id card...what bout u americans why dont u carry round an id card theres no difference racist!

HSC Multimedia Major Project: 78A Animation 1

DESCRIPTION Animation 1 of 4, for my HSC Major Project for Year 12, 2015. Watch this video in 1080p! For full engagement watch in Full screen. Enjoy!

Year 12 Formal Experience | Vlog

Will be unlisted soon as it's a bit...much ahaha! But this was the day before I left for nationals too!! Main Channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/honeyipodgirl ...

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Did you go to schoolies?
A bit far away for Hannah!
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