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Getting pregnant metformin Videos


New cycle TTC baby #1 with PCOS on Clomid and Metformin PLEASE THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE TTC POST FROM ME : ) BABY DUST TO ...

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Have your tried the slow release Metformin. I've been on it over a year now and it's like night and day from the regular Metformin. Also if you eat bad the Metformin will definitely have an adverse affect on your stomach. So talk to your doctor and see if you like the slow release better.
Thank you for sharing that I will def talk to my RE about that when I go in next week bc METFORMIN side affects are the devil! : ) but I know it will be worth it in the end
Hello from a new uk subscriber just joining you on your journey and would love if you can follow me to. How are you finding clomid? Are you having day 21 progesterone tests to see if it's working xx
Thanks for subscribing I just subscribed to you! My RE prescribed me to clomid and metformin, the metforming is to get hormones back on balance and the Clomid is to help my follicles grow I go back to my RE for a mid cycle follicle scan on oct 28th

Im back! ..and on Metformin

Back and ready to get active, get regular, and get pregnant! :) hope the Metformin helps!

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Liz :) welcome back I was so excited to see that ur back which only means that i need to get with the program to lol anyways you don't start counting your new cycle while spotting only when u get AF as soon as AF arrives that means cycle day one starts.
I was just thinking about you the other day!!! So glad your back!
Thanks! u gotta put up some more videos! Miss seeing u!
glad to be back :)
Welcome back Liz
Thanks Nadia :)

TTC 7: Metformin Update

Just like everything else, Metformin is a tease. This was originally filmed in June, so dates might seem wonky.
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