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Abs diet spreadsheet Videos

5X5 Workout Routine - Madcow 5x5 Spreadsheet - LANDSCAPE - Intermediate

5X5 Workout Routine - Madcow 5x5 Spreadsheet ...

ProtoPasta Carbon Fiber Filament Review

//www.proto-pasta.com/collections/retail/products/carbon-fiber-pla This carbon fiber filament is awesome stuff! It's a little pricey, but it looks great and it has ...

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Carbon fiber filament is not going to make it stronger. The difference is probably in the PLA portion of the carbon fiber PLA. There is only 15% carbon fiber in this. The reason people use this is not for strength, it is for what it looks like when you output it.
That's true that looks are the main reason for using this, but the infusion definitely does make the plastic more rigid and it appears to make it slightly stronger, but again I have not done scientific tests with it to see it is just from my printing experience with the material.
Sweet! I've tried the Stainless Steel and the iron infused (yes, magnets will stick to it) and both were remarkable. If you haven't already I would buy the harder nozzle they sell. These infused hybrids do wear out the brass nozzles fairly quickly. I was most surprised by the lack of nozzle clogging I anticipated.. Peace.
Well I don't think I will be doing too much printing with this stuff, I'll just use up the quarter spool I have. I'm too cheap haha. But if I do ever I will keep that in mind thanks!

NKOG (W#1A Hybrid) - Back, Biceps & Abs


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Yo, Ive been doing IF for 40 days so far. I'm 5'8" and I weighed 193 lbs b4 I started. Now Im at 183 lbs. I feel like Ive plateaued in terms of losing weight. I lift occasionally but not heavy lifting. I play atleast 3 hours of basketball (massive cardio) every night at the gym. But for some reason, I feel like Im not seeing any results. I eat about 1500 calories a day. The past 7 days I've been hitting the gym TWICE (b4 my eating window begins, which is from 2pm-8pm) & after @ 11pm. Any advice?
Man I love pancakes too, but I do always make them with protein powder and buckwheat. unless you are competing I feel we train to look good and enjoy life. If we look good but cannot enjoy some good food and drinks here and there, whats the point. At least for me I train so I can go out and enjoy outdoor activities and spend the night on the town, I don't compete and feel if I train hard and eat very clean 90% of the time, I am doing well.
Just wanted to say the last time I watched your channel was about a year ago. I somehow stumbled on your channel about a year ago. You had just started getting into the fitness lifestyle hardcore. And today for the first time since a year ago I can see you have made some great Gaines. Keep going man! You got me inspired to keep up my fitness journey as well.
Still on it buddy, but on a 8 hour instead 4 + only doing it for 4 days a week since I find that eating a meal before hitting the gym gives me a greater boost in energy when training strength 5x5. So, I hit 5x5 3 times a week (Monday-wednesday) which equals to no IF, but the remainder of the week is all hypertrophy which I can work in I.F. :D
Damn, a year? Hey, that was the whole purpose of my channel! As long as I am some how showing and inspiring you and others through my experience with the life of a "meathead" haha!
hahaha! its coming in two days, but I honestly wanna put up my current leg day (week 4) since I am happy with my 5x5 weight!
Good shit homie, glad the slaparoonie is back in the mix lol. But a transformation vid would be cool to see progress
Yup, sure is back man! Don't worry, i'll be slapping the shit outta yall on my transformation video!!!
Oh, I am STILL eating them haha! I just eating waaay less and using waaay less ingredients!
vidoe link? i just put weights on my wrist because i broke the bones.
I have GOT to try this one out! Thank you man, much appreciated!!!
Looking good, NKOG! Eat them pancakes, brother. #dirtycutting ;-)
Thanks for the motivation. I was feeling lazy
Im alll about that BULLL...SHIIIEETT!!!
Wrong view angles while doing squats ;)
lol ;-) Squat video up in two days
Leg day ? Meh maybe next day.
what happened with IF ?
Imma a short mofo. 5'6"
YYEEESS :D June 15 2013
How tall are you mam?
transformation vid?
Hiit video please!
No problem buddy!

Video Report for "How to Get Six Pack Abs" Survey

Jmo's Workout Spreadsheet

JMO's World - a series of Xtranormal cartoons loosely based on the real life interactions of three friends. Jmo gets inspired by Randall's weight loss and makes a ...

Spreadsheets: Food Shopping Sheet Tutorial

Children in Need Party Planning Project Spreadsheets tutorial on using the IF statement in Excel. Rules and conditional formatting re-covered.

What I Do To Prepare for Grueling Workouts

Simple, but works. Dominance DISCIPLINE Direction #Team3D healthy nutrition diet six pack abs delicious tasty food how to make cook muscle protein carbs ...

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Nice vid and awesome channel, love your outlook on life and positive nature! If you're after some good tunes for the gym i highly recommend Wipe the Tears by Machine Head, Hell & Consequences by Stone Sour and A Certain Shade of Green by Incubus.
Man, if you think Jay cutler is inspirational, you are fucki* delusional ! That's not inspiration, if you wonna keep it natural, watch something steroidless, Lazar Angelov, Alon Gabbay, ... i can go all day long, just sayin ;)
Kai Greene, Ronnie, Dorian, their vids get motivate the hell out of me. I watched a Branch Warren vid before the gym once and almost snapped my shit up!
WORD bro i do to! Check out my channel in about a hour, ill have my version of this video up, ill post it as a vid response!
i do this! phil i wtach moslty his form is real good unlike these other guys :) hes the man!
Adiago of strings, probably one of my favourite work out songs ever.
I watch videos too!!! There is no better motivator than that!!!!
What calorie surplus do you have on training days?
whats the link to the cutler vid bro?
Can we see your music for the gym?
made a video called my gym songs.
having a good playlist is crucial.
check out the rocky 4 soundtrack
lol branch is a monster.
Thanks for the info.
check your inbox
no phil?

how to run to lose weight - running tips : how to lose weight running

//fullcirclepro.com/weightloss how to run to lose weight - go to to get your free ecourse packed with secrets and tips on how to lose weight fast! How much ...

Dietary Supplements With SPX Nutrition X-Treme Cardio Weight Loss Overview, By Brian Bare

SPX Nutrition Presentation X-Treme Cardio Brief Overview By Brian Bare (With Free Download) www.WinWithSPX.com Brief Overview of SPX Nutrition X-Treme ...
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