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Pregnant again 12 weeks after giving birth Videos

12 Week Postpartum - Mummy & Baby

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wooow i cant believe how good you look i remember after having my 1st my stomach was very pouchy and had loads of stretchmarks i am currently 17 weeks with my second and even tho everyone says you know what is going to happen it can still be diffferent i love watching your videos and hope to see alot more my partner enjoys watching them aswell as this is his 1st baby... 
I love listening to you, I absolutely love your accent! And you look amazing girl
Happy late birthday .....

12 Weeks Postpartum & Olivias Update!

AHH 12 weeks postpartum already!? Belly shot included in this one :) My Blog://daniellebabybliss.wordpress.com/ My ...

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Aww she is adorable! My 4 yr old loves watching baby videos and we stumbled onto yours. Olivia reminds me of my first baby. : ) That baby is now a super smart 12yo. The time flies. Enjoy her! You are looking great! With time out bodies change back a little. Remember it took 9 months to get that belly so it will take at least that long to get back. You look much better than I did at that stage! : ) If you have bfing questions just ask. I nursed all 3 of mine and am still bfing my 4yo. : P
oh my olivia is a doll baby...seriously lol you look great at 12 weeks pp you are so lucky I cant even see ur stretch marks, my stomach is just covered in them although they have faded tons they still look like I had been through war I had my daughter almost 9 months ago, now my dd is going through a phase where she must tug at one boob while nursing on other and im like geez u are givng me more stretch marks she seriously pulls as hard as she can lol it never ends
Good to see a video again about Olivia. I like it so much! I totally think that Olivia is that difficult because she might be to smart for her age. She does the same things my nephew did. Wants to be held, want's to see where she's going. Also it's her way or nothing at all. Stubborn but she already know what's good for her ;) I was gonna say, just wait till she get's older the things will get easier, but you already decided to hibernate this winter out lol!
I'm 22 weeks pregnant and trying very hard to prepare for baby. Hoping that book will help when baby is fussy etc. I'm hoping to have a natural drug free birth as well. Here in alberta we don't have birthing centers or mid wives. So the birth has to be at the local hospital. Very jelly of your birth experience. It was beautiful
I'm just wondering, you said earlier you don't believe in the cry-it-out method, do you think that may have made her more fussy when she doesn't get her way now? Of course you never know with babies, you can't always tell what's making them cry lol. Anyway I hope she gets a little better, I'm sure she will. :)
I just stumbled across this and love that you are documenting it all. Also love the body updates, I think its a great way to share and help other women understand what the body goes thru during pregnancy and after. :) Keep the updates coming!
You look wonderful! Congratulations on your beautiful girl and I hope you know that you are both beautiful and you have nothing to worry about regarding your appearance. We're rooting for you!
Have u seen the video happiest baby on the block or read the book? It's very good. I think you would like it. Apparently for fussy babies that have a hard time feeding, swaddling helps!
You look great! Im sure you said this in another video but how much weight did you gain when you were pregnant? How much do you weigh now? I hope you enjoy breaking dawn. I loved it!
Olivia sounds like Naomi! She hates her carseat and her carrier. So it is horrible to travel anywhere and when we are shopping. Oy! She is adorable and you are looking great! :)
for bed yes. she has a very strong startle reflex and manages to sleep through the night with it :) and midwife also reccomends it
Danielle your daughter is beautiful, and you look great! :) I love watching your videos, you have such a great personality.
Thanks for sharing this video some moms don't like other ppl looking at there baby I'm 5 months pregnant and having a girl
What kind of carrier do you have? You should try a mei tai. You can have the baby front, side and back as well. :)
OMG!!! I'm a huge twilight fan too!!!!! Olivia is sooooo cute.... I just want to pick her up and squeeze her 3
You do look great for 12 weeks! Olivia is adorable-I'm happy you got a pump so you can go on some outings.
Your belly has gone down! Yay! And you look great for a 12 week postpartum mum :) Congratulations Danielle
Sounds like my Irene. Imagine being a single mom. She is 1 and stll hate the car cry's a lot omg.
Wow. U ) ook great! And Olivia iss soo pretty:)
Olivia's eyes! Oh my gosh so pretty!
She looks like your husband
Do you swaddle Olivia?
we have the manduka

12 WEEK UPDATE + ULTRASOUND - Journey to Baby

Day 1024 - #SemiCullen is basically a little Jackie Chan Plum at this point. Thumbs up for more updates! :) PREVIOUS JOURNEY TO BABY VLOGS: -10 WEEK ...

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Glad that you are doing better Katie, hope you feel 100% soon :). Crown to rump is basically from top of head to bottom of bum :). Also in my case I believe in maternal instinct. Mine has always been right, first baby I had the feeling it was a boy and ultrasound confirmed it was and second baby same thing I just felt and knew it was a boy and I was right. So I'm for maternal instinct, can't wait to see though once you find out :) 
This makes me literally cry! So excited for you guys! Knowing how much you've wanted this, and seeing your journey has been so inspirational!! Have been praying non stop!!! You guys are going to be amazing parents!! I can not wait to see this lil bama Bean!!
I say girl 100% especially since it won't keep still. My son was always well behaved on ultrasounds and the monitors, but my girl has kept me on my toes from day one. Can't wait to hear the reveal. I look so forward each night to your videos to watch when I get out of my second shift job. Love y'all!!!!
Im glad you guys are starting to relax more now that she is over the 12 week hump. Congratulations guys! Im so glad Ellie and Jared introduced their subscribers to you two. I have been in your shoes guys. Now I have a beautiful baby girl. And I just know you will have a baby in your arms in October! 
So excited for you two! Love your videos! I was so excited to see that we are so close in weeks we are pregnant! I'm 12 weeks 1day pregnant today! My husband and I do videos as well, challenge videos and lately have been doing baby updates!! Congrats again you two! You two will be fun parents!
My son had a high heartbeat the entire time I was pregnant and some people told me a high heartbeat was a boy and some told me it was a girl. And Google told me both too! So who knows! Love watching your vlogs! Just found you about a month ago and I'm hooked!
Yay for 12 weeks! I have this feeling it's a girl (maybe because I'm having a girl haha) I had the 48 hour flu at around 28 weeks.. It sucked! Hopefully you don't get sick again Katie! Pregnancy and sickness is no fun at all. Ugh I love yall(: 
That was my daughters due date! She was born on October 6th 2011 her heart rate was always 169 every single time. When you said your due date it made me cry! It goes by too fast enjoy every second of it! 
His/her heartbeat will change depending on if they are sleeping or moving. I had to have an ultrasound every month because twins are high risk and loved having them. Ultrasounds are the best!!!!
Glad you're feeling better Katie (also, Cullen said to remind you that you're lookin' super sexy, lol), and I'm glad semi-cullen is doing well too! Can't wait for the next update! :)
The size they tell you is the size across it, length from crown to rump. So across the plum, would be from the top of the head down to the little butt :) congrats on 12 weeks!!!
Glad to hear you're home!! When do you find out he gender? We're finding out at 15weeks and so exciting that you're due 7 days after me!!! 
Oh I think boy :-). My oldest was the first boy in 20 years on my mothers side. Now I have 3. Love these updates #bamababy #semicullen
I'm sorry you were so sick Katie :( glad that your doing at least a little better! So excited for you guys! Prayers for you always! 
Ohhhh. We've had the bug at our house TWICE. It is miserable. I am sure it's WAY worse while pregnant. Ick. Glad you're on the mend!
Yayy 12 weeks!!!miscarriage significantly decreases & with sees the heart beat & lots of movement bby is A okay!!
Stayed up late just to see your cute faces and hear all about #semicullen. Glad you are feeling better Katie. Love you guys.
Such a milestone for ya'll and so many more to come! Glad you are feeling better and are home to get plenty of rest!
It's so good to see that you're starting to feel better and that the baby is doing well. Let her keep growing! :)
I'm so excited for you guys and happy Katie is feeling better!! And I think you guys are having a baby boy!!
Woop woop!! I think the size reference is like general mass/curled up. Excited for these updates y'all!
Congrats guys! One question: How would you prepare differently if you knew it was a boy or a girl??
Do the gender test to see if it is a girl or boy just for fun and I think It is a girl! Uhhh oh hh
Please can you do some fun old wives tales gender tests? I think that would be so fun to watch :)
I tripped out when my er nurse could not find the heartbeat until i got my big ultrasound. Lol.
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