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11 weeks pregnant heart rate 169 Videos

baby ultrasound 11wk5days - the heartbeat

Radioactive Reality (08 November 2014) “Scary… a grim reality for West Coast "

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ultrasound 18 weeks part 2 (18 week ultrasond boy.)

Bumpdate: 20 Weeks Pregnant

Myesha's Pregnancy Video Diary Subscribe Here: //bit.ly/1CQjHf8 ****Open Me Up*** ****Please "Thumbs Up" if you like and don't forget to subscribe.

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Yay congrats Myesha! You look gorgeous!
+Jessica Fenney Thanks Jess
Yay congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Just Keoka Thanks Keoka

16 weeks pregnant Ultrasound (ECO)

Ultrasound 6wks1day Heart beat!!!

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