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Candida diet hair growth Videos

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Google this - diatomaceous earth for hair growth. Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae.

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LMAO!! Gr8 Sound Effect!...I'm soooo Thankful for this VLOG never heard of DI-A-TO-MA-C-E-OUS. Interesting though (Yes, I Googled it) :O) I did loose ALOT of MAIN on my 1st Round..I was Freaking Out.(so I took HAIR & NAIL Supplement and it stopped falling) then on Round 2 (I don't even count That one- It's practically None Existent for Me) :O( Noww! I'm on Round 3 and taking it like a grain of Salt. Let's see how this one goes. So far Hair is in place(a little here and there all normal)TFS♥
Hmmm I guess I'd missed the part about DE helping with hair growth but that's great news! I sure hope it does help....I have it in my cupboard of supps and take it occasionally in P3 for joint pain issues. Food grade DE is one of the best ways to flush the body’s digestive system and remove toxins and other parasites from the digestive tract. See what else I learned today! Stay away from those 1 yr olds now Debbie! And now I'm humming your theme song :) Hugs! Luff ya!
I found it! I got my DE from Earthworks Health dot com. I gt 10 POUNDS!!! Every jar I own is full. It was oly 14.00 a pound, but the shipping was 14.31 so for a total of 10 POUNDS was $28.31 That otta grow some hair baby! Good for: sore joints, lower cholesterol & blood pressure & blood sugar levels, moe energy, healtier skin, stronger nails & hair calm nerves & better sleep, air weight loss and finally cleansing of parasites!
I've experienced tremendous hair loss on hcg, it starts in P2 and gets worse in P3. Normally my hair is so thick, I pay to have it thinned. More than one hairdresser had told me I had enough hair for two people. LOL After my hcg rounds it has thinned dramatically. But, thank goodness, it does grow back in. The only thing I take in addition to vitamins is biotin for the hair. Very interesting info about DE.
haha! Deb, you're super cute. I didn't have hair loss with my HCG journey but have had hair lost through a couple surgeries I had. Right now and most recently I notice I'm starting to lose hair....I'm thinking it's stress related, not sure. I'll research Diatomaceous Earth and let you know if and when I start. Thanks for sharing this information, I appreciated it. Hugs to ya!
Take the zinc somewhere in the afternoon on an empty stomach or early in the morning if you don't eat right away and take the magnesium at night before bedtime for the best absorption. Other minerals interfere with zinc absorption and magnesium is best absorbed at night. Zinc picolinate is the best and magnesium chelated with amino acids is the best.
It only took 2 days for me to see a difference in my skin. I don't have problems with my hair, it is thick, but my nails had the problem. They would just break off as soon as they left the nail bed. Diatomaceous earth made my nails beautiful! It took almost 6 months to see this change though. Patience is a virtue. I hope this works for you too.
hehe, you can just call it DE for short :) I found out that i actually wasn't digesting my food so the holistic doc put me on digestive enzymes so that when the food gets in the intestines it would allow my body to absorb the nutrients, since doing that my hair has gotten so much thicker. xoxo
Ran out of space.....Tell Me? Do you contribute your hair loss to the HCG D-I-E-T?? or you already experienced hair loss Prior to the HCG Protocol. cause after seen ALL Your Vlogs since the day of DAWN...Hee-hee-hee I notice you have very Fine hair. Just an Observation :O) ♥
I can't wait to research and try this out ! I have fine and thin hair already and lost some the last round back in 9/12. It is still growing back and If I didn't get it colored it would be flat on my head! Thanks you for letting us know about this! Good luck and God bless!
I got a 5 lb shipment!! I have jars all over the house! Can't recall where I got it...back to you later. Took it awhile, but don't recall benefits??? Got out a jar and will start again and research it! Believe it's good for parasite removal too. XOXO Queen Shelley
I had the same problem. My hair started falling off in lumps after my last round. I was taking hair and nail supplements and biotin with no noticeable improvement. But then I read somewhere that it's due to lack of minerals like zinc and magnesium.
Man.........that is very interesting and I'm definitely going to look at it and may try it :-D I pray that it doesn't end up growing out my chin, palms, and chest.....hehehe Thank you so much for this vlog.......I love ya girlfriend!!!! Peggy
Would it be okay to use while you were on p2 your body wouldn't think it's a starch? I've done several rounds of HCG but spaced them out and I also lost a lot of hair so this is very interesting to me thanks Lori for the information
Hi HebbieDobby I'm sorry to heard that ,,,, I personally never lost hair of any of my rounds. also I been a cosmetologist for 30 years so i never, never use unprofessional products on may hair ,, kiss and hugs!
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