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1-2 weeks pregnant abortion Videos

Andrew Wommack: Christian Philosophy 2: Abortion Week 3 Session 3

What's it all about? Is it choice, is it convenience, is it necessity? Whose rights are really being violated? Could this possibly be the most profound example ever ...

Reannon's Journey - Part 1

http:www.careconfidential.com With frankness Reannon describes the dilemma she faced when she found she was pregnant, her experience of a medical ...

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Thank you so much Reannon. I had an abortion recently after 3 intense weeks deciding what to do. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and although I still believe I did the best thing for me and the child I know it will never leave me. I'm finding it hard to face the reality and emotions of it all and it's hard to feel no one around you understands. Your video made alot of sense to me and made me feel less alone. I'm considering doing 'the journey'. Thanks so much and much love to you!x
i totally agree with this video, im 16 weeks pregnant now and i can imagine how horrible it must be to loose it now. when I was considering abortion to get back to my life yadda yadda, well i had those emotions of constant fear and sadness. and it didnt help when my family was pushing me to doing it.....and to not have counseling afterwards...not to be emo...but i began to think of worse things like if my child was going to go, i would join it. these feelings are permanent.
i am a nurse in a operating dept and i do fill sorry for you going through this i am a man and hope you all have a shoulder to cry on xxxxx
i think if you are not ready for a baby then you shouldnt be having sex!
My Name is Reannon :) It's a beautifull name... :-)
thanks for sharing this. very real and honest.
im so confused...help!!!!

7 1/2 week pregnancy blog

bout to go to sleep, but felt like putting this blog up first!

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Hi congrats & I'm in a realy similar situation to you, just found out I was pregnant, only 4 weeks and I'm 20, 21 in April, and still studying, in my final year at university in England. Hope everything goes well for you, I might start doing pregnancy blogs too x x
thanx and congrats to you too!
aww Congratz

Heartbeat of Miami Freddy and Emely's Story

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God bless your work, Heartbeat of Miami. I am one of your financial supporters. Keep on doing what you're doing and help the girls/women of Miami to choose life 4 their babies. God bless you!
What a sweet couple. God bless you Freddy and Emely. You made the right CHOICE! Life is the RIGHT CHOICE! And Heartbeat of Miami will be there to help you along the way!

DOJ’s Ferguson report 2:57 sec

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And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it… And in the love of it, the love of all existences... //youtu.be/M9OCAfnwDBA
I,m white skin,,,,and Scotland born  and bred most of my Hero,s esp in Music,Boxing the UFC,Athletics ect are Black !!! We don,t have that up here ? Ebony & Ivory ONE LOVE for All k 

Nate Garrison 15 1/2 weeks Ultrasound Part 1

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