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How to save sms Videos

How to Save/Transfer your Data (SMS, apps, Contact...) when You change your phone!

Go Backup Pro (Premium) allows to save/backup data (SMS, Call log, Contacts, MMS, Calendar, system settings, applications, apk & Data...) to restore it on your ...

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in this video, and on lot of videos this is an HTC One X. :)

How to Save SMS Text Messages With Decipher TextMessage

//www.deciphertools.com/tm-mac.html Decipher TextMessage is an application for viewing, saving, and printing your text messages from your iPhone.

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so, does this app also sync these messages back on the iphone again? let's say i did a restore to factory settings on iphone and lost all the messages - would i be able to get them back on the iphone (if i saved them with decipher textmessage prior to that)?
@j23siempre Unfortunately Decipher TextMessage doesn't recover deleted messages (yet!), but we're working on it. In the meantime, we've posted a small article about how to view deleted messages.
@PajamasandMore We're actually working on the Windows version right now! If you go to our website, we have a little sign-up page to be notified when it's ready.
Wow that was sooo easy :) I wanted to save the conversation from the start with my partner :) over 2000 text messages :) all saved :) Thank you sooo much TGG
but what if i am trying to retrieve a conversation thread of 1-2 months that i accidentally deleted? will this retrieve the deleted messages?
what if I wanted to get my text messages from another phone? Does that work? I have an LG Gossip and I have a Mac
does it work if the messages have been deleted on iphone4 and has not been backedup or synced? pleeese anser
so this doesn't take the old sms data from a previous backup out so that you can put it into your phone >.
This is awesome..but do you have a version or know of a version for a PC with Windows Vista?
This is fabulous and works for saving voice messages also. Thank you so much.
Hi Myda, Yes! The program will work for iMessages on the iPad/iTouch as well!
what is the difference between trial version and the full version?

[TELUGU]How to save your sms to your computer

How to save your sms to your computer, https://userscloud.com/ad56igg0q6g6 ms office 2013 in telugu,excel 2013 in telugu,ms excel 2007 tutorial in telugu,ms ...

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Sir delete chesina messages ni malli mobile loki rappinchavacha

SMS Backup & Restore

Backup and Restore your SMS Messages to SD Card, Gmail account or Dropbox account.

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Ash Conlon...... i have same question. how can i get back my sms back from gmail?

Crown Shock - SMS (Save My Soul)

This track just blew me away! This guy will be big one day if he keeps producing stuff like this :) Crown Shock - SMS (Save My Soul) Be sure to follow Crown ...

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My friend talks to him :) He said that after CheetahDNB was taken off youtube, he started making music under the name Crown shock. Thats how i found this song...and this is AMAZING!
Pretty sure the drums in this are just copied from the Matrix & Futurebound ft. Luke Bingham 'All I Know' remix comp in the stems file... like not even touched at all
The drumrack is the same but it has been mastered and the mids highs have been changed. But it doesent matter until you dont use it for gaining profit.
i just had a whiplash and had to lay in bed the last 4 days, but now as i hear this song sound i feel like never been ill lol
I coudn't get this song out of my head till I finally found it again :D Now I know it belongs in my head :3
This guy is so talented his music reminds me of Rameses B two great artists which are equally talented.
Yeah that takes a matter of seconds lol its disappointing cause the intro is amazing
oh thank you, I didn't know that, anyway dnb remix is more listenable for me :)
The drums are straight off from Matrix & Futurebound - All I Know -remix kit.
The original is "4 strings - Take Me Away", just the vocals are sped up :)
This song is amazing love the beat and vocals. Anyone know who is singing?
wtf is with the "suck my ...." comments!? enjoy the beautifull music!

How To Save SMS as Draft

HOW TO SAVE SMS AS DRAFT. (a)Click on communications. (b)Click on sms. (c)Click on new sms. (d)Fill in detail. (e)Click on save as draft.

SMS Backup+ Android App Review

Widely regarded as the best way to backup and restore your text messages. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zegoggles.smssync WhatsApp ...

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Andy, this was fantastic and worked just fine as far as backing everything up to Gmail. However, I would like to know if there is a desktop app for android. It would be nice to have something like that as it would be more personal, easier to access, and private as well. Would also be nice if we could just access the actual DB file via USB and copy/transfer to newer phones. Any thoughts? Thanks again!
As I said, for me it will just be the last 100 or so, as there might be some info in there I still need to reference. Maybe me and some friends are arranging a meetup at the weekend and details have been text to me. Also, as they are stored in Gmail, they are easilt searched, so sometimes you need to get info from a few months back,
I get tons of text messages from my customers and unfortunately I have a Rom flashing addiction well. This makes perfect sense to add them to your Gmail account which is 10GB of data and plenty of room for them. With your app I can easily restore them after a new rom flash like AOKP 4.2.1 update.
Hi, I don't know why, but the app doesn't connect to my Gmail account. When I press connect, it asks me if I want to connect to my account, so i press on my email account, but then nothing happens and it goes back to the app's homepage...
Yeah that's what I thought it would be for. I suppose if your getting any more than 15 texts a day this app can be useful! Just saw your Dropbox review as well!! I love Dropbox it's great' you have 90gb storage that is amazing!
This app isn't working for me :( Or maybe I'm not using it properly. After I backup my texts, I don't get an email. What gives? Samsung Galaxy S4. I've searched through my labels for "SMS" but still nothing.
What would you need a desktop app for? You can access your messages through a browser in Gmail. Also, this app allows you to backup all messages and then restore them to a new phone. That's kinda the point :-)
Have you double checked in the apps settings that it is to use SMS as the label? What does the app do when you press to backup? Does it look like it's working? Does it say messages are backed up?
Worked nicely, until I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 today.. for some odd reason the text messages are also being added to my call log. Any idea how to fix this? thanks for your help :)
Excellent app my friend. I don't recommend lots of software unless I use it and abuse it. And this has certainly worked flawlessly on my Galaxy S II. Many thanks!
Try SmartIO App for direct transfer of SMS & MMS between android devices like mentioned here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartio&hl=en
Hey your video is good.. I'm selling my android phone and I want all my messages in my new phone... Can this app work to get my all messages???? Plz tell..

How to Save SMS From Sim Card by using Micromax Modem.

How to Save SMS From Sim Card by using Micromax Modem.
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