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How to restore photos on iphone Videos

Restore Photos to iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S: How to Transfer Picutures from Computer to iPhone

How to restore photos from computer to iPhone? Aiseesoft FoneTrans can easily mass transfer pictures from PC to iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS: ...

How to Retrieve Lost iPhone Photos after Restore

i restored my iphone and lost all my photos! Do not worry anymore as i have found out a way to get lost photos back after iPhone was factory restore ...

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have a reset iphone. lost all data. tried this software and it's not finding anything. There was no iCloud or iTunes backup to begin with. All data was stored on the phone.
Yes, factory restore will wipe all your iphone data permanently. If you want to recover iPhone data, you should have an iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

Recover your Camera Roll iPhone 4 deleted photos and videos 4S 3Gs iPod iPad

Recover deleted or lost Camera Roll items and contacts manually and free without iTunes or other software. Tags: recover deleted or lost photos or videos from ...

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iPhone stores all the files that you delete, it compresses the files. I thought that program is full of shit. And then I downloaded it and had not a single photo on my phone and I was doing it of my new laptop so I had no backups. And it takes like 30 min, was a long wait and then pictures started to come up. Man ...over 600 pic , I couldn't believe it, f*** knows how it works, but it did. Trust me man , have a look on YouTube . It's not free :(, but a good solution if your way doesn't work.
hi! thank you for the video. I have a question for you and hopefully you can help me. I was about to send some videos and pictures from my camera roll and i accidentally pressed delete. is there any way to get them back? Everyone keeps telling me you cant:( i know you just told us how but i didnt really get how you opened that rout acsess? im kinda confused can you plz help me get them bacl :(?
Can someone help me on this?I need to get my photos back from my ipod touch that was jailbroken before ios 7 came out. i tried to do it on my ipod manually on my ipod but i couldnt and i deleted everything on my ipod and tried to update it manually(dumbest idea ever) and i just decided to update to ios 7 buy my computer and i had to restore everything. is there a way to get all my data back?
This folder contains everything from pictures to contacts to videos to apps etc. So, the first file you tried you guessed correctly and it happened to be an image file supporting .jpg format. However, it seems you have been unlucky since. You could use .dos prompt commands to change all file extensions within that dir and simply extract your desired files.
The files that have not been backed up, via iCloud or iTunes, then there is no way possible to recover. Your phone does not store backups, if you don't believe me check Usage and you will only see apps using memory, none for backup. Just doesn't add up. I'm high skeptical of this software, waste of money, this technique is free.
please answer , i need your help ! ok so i changed one photo's name and added the .jpg just like you said and it worked fine but when i tried to do the same to the rest of the files, it kept saying that the file was either unsupported , damaged or too large. any clue as to why ? thanks for your help , i appreciate it
Pleaseee help ;'(, I signed in the iphone it restored to my previous one that I didn't need but I signed in with the same apple id but my pics are gone I did what you said got them but when I try to open it says file corrupt or damged or photo Gallery can't open this video , HELP?!?!??! ;'(
There is a program called Dr.Fone , it will recover deleted files from the actual device, so even the ones that havnt been backed up. I don't know how it work, pretty amazing really as your phone storage doesn't actually has got them files. The only thing is , it costs £45 Boom
Try other files, all files including contacts, sms, photos, videos etc are included in that folder. That's just how apple has done it, sure they could have done it better. So, theres a chance you converted a file to its non-native extension. So, please try another.
I deleted on ios 8 with recently deleted and it said do u want to permanently delete this video does that mean I can still get it on the computer if so how do I delete it so I never c the video again and do u need your I cloud username and password?????????????
Please ensure correct dir, if you have synced your phone with that same computer before then there must be backups as iTunes does it automatically, if its still empty, then sorry. All recovery methods, including this one, require backups.
When you start your computer, you shouldn't see any messages. When you open any executable file your computer security will ask you whether you want to run or cancel for security. You do not need to run any files as shown in the video.
hi tycoonpatrik, thankyou for the video. i am currently using iphone 4s and i did try this process on google chrome, till i got to the "backup" part and there was nothing on that file. what should i do? is there any other way?
You need to have connected your phone with iTunes for backups to be automatically created. Otherwise, there is no backup cache so you cannot recover anything in that case.
Don't exaggerate and blame the video for your different intentions. This video shows you how to manually recover your camera roll, as others have successfully done. Cheers.
Hi. After I have changed file to .JPG , they wouldn't open. And iTunes recognizes files but after trying to sync it's just not doing anything.. Please any advise. Thanks
It does not work, read all the -ve reviews of it on the net. It's not possible what you claim. Hence, I made this video, which does work as verified by many youtubers.
dont do this, you will destroy your backups, all my data on my iphone were deleted by an accident, now i cant restore my back up copy becouse my backup is broken.
thanks for all the help. the problem i have now is that every time i open a .jpg or .mov file a big X just come up insted. do you have a solution for this??:)
It doesn't work. Read all the negative reviews on CNET. No one has ever been able to retrieve their deleted photos or videos via Dr.Fone. It's a f*cking scam.
Please answer me! What if the files are old and you need the ones from this year and the folders are only 2011 and 2012 I need the file 2013 how do I get it??
hi idid everything as you said but after changing the file's name to jpg it doesnt open, it says that the windows photo viewer can open this, help me please
Try another... To speed up the process, could use dos cmds to rename all from command prompt then u will see which file is an image for sure.
Even when i change the file name for example a movie, i still cant watch it. Any extension i put doesnt let me view it. What should i do?
I synced both my iPod & my iPhone on my laptop & that information took me to the pictures on my iPod. How do I get to me phone's?

How to Restore Pics to Camera roll on iPhone with iTools

Hi, You Can start Video from 1:00 min (just showing that there is no photos in the galerry). Before anything - Copy and Backup All Pics to PC !!! 1.Open iTools ...

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+Alejan whats the problem ?

Recover | Restore Deleted Memory Card | Camera | Iphone | Photos \ Videos / Files | How To|Software

//cardrecoverypro.helpo.me Download Card Recovery Pro, Memory Card Recovery Software, how to recover deleted files restore deleted files how to ...

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So this can get any deleted files off any device? Cause I have an iPod touch 4th gen and apparently I had forgotten my passcode and everything was deleted off including my photos and I still didn't get em back. So when I get a chance I'll maybe try what you tried maybe to see if it helps.
it does idiot, but u gotta pay for it, why would someone make a software and give it to u free? u gotta spend some fucking money if u want ur shit back
Does it work for iPod touch? I have a bunch of videos from a vacation I took about a year ago that I deleted because of storage issues. Please reply.
im trying to get the videos that i have taken on my phone of bday parties, my dog, the little girl i sit for and many other things.
What do I have to do if I want to recover my iPhone pics There's like Drive I H E G and stuff, but no iPhone Please help T-T!!!!!
The program doesn't detect that I have an iPhone plugged in , not showing up as an external drive I can recover??
Go to recycle bin and restore it -.- if u deleted it in pc not in iPhone or any other device like iPod
download it and give it a try dude i managed to recover some wedding phoots, this is freaking awesome
is there a certain amount of time you leave your files deleted before they permanently disappear?
i scanned my pics all of it are there but i cant recover it says need to register please help
I lost my photos from samsung mobile s6.. can i restore it ??? is there any software ???
actualy i bymistakly deleted camera pictures folder from Gallery
if the link doesnt open to you just replace .info to .com :p
is this free and does this work for a Samsung Android Phone
Does it works on iPad lost datas after settings restore?
I've got a new windows 7, so....can I get my files back?
Why aren't my pictures loading its taking forever!!!! :(
Do we need to pay before we could recover our files?
it does recover but , it doesn't restore ..stupid .
you have to pay to recover them which im NOT doing
I mean there are other programs and software too.
is it stored in iphone memory or external chip?
it find the files but it not restoring them
Does this work for a ps3 hard drive
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