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How to restore utorrent files Videos

How to retrieve lost torrents (uTorrent)

Did you delete a torrent like me, who deleted my GTA IV and so on and you can't find it on Piratebay.se or so? And now you want the torrent?Well easy, watch ...

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man i downloaded saints row 4 and i accidently deleted 1 or 2 files from it and now torrent is in red color and saying that files are missing plz can you tell me how i get those 1 or 2 files back and dont need to re download the whole torrent
FOR MAC USERS: Go to spotlight and search ~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent/ you will be able to see the list of torrents downloaded, Just click on the one you deleted and it will resume.
Hey guys, Johnny here! Well not exactly Johnny but instead i am diamondpro168. MYTHPROZ bought this account! Please feel free to subscribe to mythproz! Thank you for your co-operation!
thanks a lot , that saved a lot of time looking for the torrents i have downloaded but can anyone tell me why this problem happened ?
thanks man! for the people that say: u need to download them again, its just 1/10 of the time :D
Yeah and then you need to download them again, this is not a solution
thanks bro u just saved me...thanks a lot
thank you so much you really helped me
Thanks dude, that was very helpful!
thanks dude..... (Y)
Tx Sir .

how to add multiple torrent files in uTorrent

if you like my video than subscribe to my new you tube channel for more videos *if you have any questions than write in to comments join me on facebook at ...

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can anyone subscribe to my channel?

How To Resume Torrent After Installing New Window | Continue Torrent After Reinstalling Window

Since I did not have those files, I only had one other choice: uTorrent saves session information to a file called resume.dat. And just like Firefox does, it keeps a ...

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When i download the file this time i "changed the name of Torrent file", that's the reason it will not resume from where i left the download.... In this case can you please provide some guidelines.
+Abhijit Patra use the same file name you are trying to download and also same torrent file
Thanks This really helped me
+Bhavya Jeendgar Welcome Dear :)

How to download Any Files through Utorrent

How to download Any Files through Utorrent Please know that this video is only intended for information purposes which doesnt suggest to infringe any ...

How to restore firmware 4.2.1 on baseband 6.15 6.15.00 iTunes error 1015 3g 3gs only

sorry for the bad audio i lost my good mic and i had to upload this bare with me guys links down below follow me on twitter //twitter.com/mobicelfonegeek ...

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@mobilecellphonegeek Ahh - I finally fixed it. I guess the iOS was fixed n apparently workin' rather well. But the iPhone din't shift out of the recovery state (hence Mr. Steve Jobs smiling out of the screen :P) A few random recoveries added with redsnow and your most thankful methods, I've managed to recover as well as jailbreak. Thanks a ton, my good sir; I guess dad ain't gonna kick me out of the house any more: It's his iPhone |-). Next stop - Ultrasnow!
@mobilecellphonegeek apparently, the pineapple is the boot screen logo for the custom firmware and the stevejobs' image is the ... recovery screen for the 'customized firmware'. i started trying out random installs using itunes as well as different version of redsnow - nothing noticeable. i returned back to the 1015 error with the standard "connect to itunes" loop of errors. still stuck though :/
@H4RDC0R3xG4IVI3R do this if your iphone is stuck unplug it and power off by holding home and power then plug one usb side hold home and keep holding home button and plug the other usb side wait and now it should have powered and go into dfu mode other wise sorry use the new link of redsnow i put i forget to update it
I did that, but how do I jailbreak and unlock it? I can't use redsn0w cause it won't recognize the custom restore as the ipsw and I can't use PwnageTool cause it won't go without upgrading baseband, but the baseband was already upgraded to 6.15. How do I jailbreak and unlock?
@rolanddxp Oh first open red snow and choose the original ipsw then got to to dfu mode then open iTunes hit shit+update button (or restore button) and choose the custom ipsw and then you can re run red snow and jailbreak and then install ultrasnow via Cydia app to unlock
I've made this jailbreak + Redsn0w iphone 3G bb 6.15 and everythig going well until I use the phone and after that the mic doesn't work anymore, so I'm not able to make any call.... Everytime is the same problem.... I don't know what;s going on.... please help me....
I'm confused, at the point where you go next and start talking about dfu mode, do you follow onscreen instructions.. you didn't really show what point you do it at.. then all of a suddern you jumped to itunes.
@mobilecellphonegeek YOU ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!! i tried for several hours yesterday to get my iphone out of recovery mode...nothing I tried worked, but this did. So glad I found your video!
@mobilecellphonegeek I finally did but my screen had already stopped working. I managed to restore and unlock but screen is now blank. i hear my phone ring but I don't see nothing on d screen. Thanks though.
@mobilecellphonegeek ok so i got it to go into dfu then i put it in pwned dfu and now when i try to restore on itunes with the 4.2.1 custom restore i get error 3194.. idk what to do.. i have a 3gs btw
Can you please email me the Custom firmware for the 3G 4.2.1 I REALLY need it, email me at [email protected] as soon as possible please. ill rate subscribe everything if you do soon. !!!
@orbitaaltube yeah one you can try getting out of it by disconnecting it from the computer and holding the power and home button till it powers its self back on or try dfu mode from there
its keeps right when its about to start restoreing giving me a error 21? i have 2 iphone 3g and both of them are stuck in recovery mode with the itunes symbol and can't get it to restore
hey dude i have done every thing and now it works parfictly but now i got ATT n i just wanna my phone simpal do u know how can i update it to factory settings please please let me know
YOU SAVED MY LIFE MAN.....OMG...I Sold this phone on ebay and when i went to wipe all my settings, it got stuck on the Apple LOGO....I owe you in someway.... Again, Thank you...
Thanks for the video... i was working on this problem all freaken day and got to the point of almost buying a new iphone. thankfully it finally worked. cheers JT
Thanks, I could get rid of recovery mode. The phone detects sim, but I donot see att signal, instead says no service. I can't make any calls. Any ideas please?
@TheCuvees The iPad should be ok since it's the baseband from the iPad in other words it should not effect it in any way nor should you get the 1015 error
unfortunately it didn't work for me. I followed every single steps that you have provided and it is still giving me a 1015 error. Any other suggestions?
im using macbook air how can do this? should i download redsnow on my mac? pls help how i can download it. and restore back everything... thanks
It didnt work for me. it only changed my apple logo to a pineapple. and recovery mode icon to some comic. any idea on what to do? Thanks though

★How to Download a File using Utorrent★

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