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How to open fyi file Videos

Common file types in Adobe Photoshop Ep6/33 [Adobe Photoshop for Beginners]

In this video I want to discuss a few common files types you will need to be aware of as you begin to use Photoshop. Its important to keep in mind that Photoshop ...

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first of all... THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR WORK AND VIDEOS, I'VE LEARNED A LOT... second, in this video. Why did you change the resolution of the PDF from 300 to 72? it's easier to work on phtoshop with that resolution?
Opening in 72DPI is slightly quicker than opening in 300DPI depending on your processor speed because opening in 300DPI would have generated a larger document.  For the sake of the tutorial I just did the quickest action.

9/11 Predicted in X-Files March 2001

From the X-files Spin-Off "The Lone Gunmen" first aired in March of 2001 just a few months before 9/11. FYI This is not proof in any form for a 9/11 conspiracy.

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@robinmorningstar1 and in spite of learning from past mistakes in history we are repeating them. The US is the Rome of past they have to lead the world with example which they dont. That is a burden they dont realise and many many people will prob disagree with what iam saying but everybody in the word has emulated (in a big part) the us way (or western way) of life from the last 40 years or so. i DOUBT if things change for the better or maybe iam too damn of a Cynic now. i hope a im wrong......
@robinmorningstar1 Youre right! the only reason why i used the word sheep is because i feel people are "guided " from a very few people with no resolve of their own. and yes it is a resentment bordering frustration because maybe of my stupid younger idealistic self i bellieved 25 years ago that Humanity would have been far evolved for the better (and i am not speaking for technological evolution) instead we have a veiled pulled in front of peoples eyes, still divided in stupid ideologies
You have to hand it to the CIA/DIA/NSA/NRO and every other alphabet soup agency we've never heard of. They really outdid themselves with 9/11. Trillions of dollars worth of funding available to you, sky's the limit, and what do you decide to do with that power? Right - murder a bunch of your own people to keep an obsolete and destructive paradigm intact. Nice. Take a bow and bask in your conquest but KNOW that we're now watching you just as intently as you're watching us. Your move.
Probably we have to plan on the presence of the "GICCC" (not well described here) It would be "built in circuitry that could be installed in control chips and would never be seen or heard from again until "disaster time"... "ghostable interface crasher/controller chip". Another way to say it is a super remote control shock collar of death that would be a complete surprise. That's why Toyota recalled their cars.
Can you specifiy which video you're referring to for the interview with Dean Haglund? Doing a YouTube search turns up plenty of links for different 9/11 videos with him. There're many on the Alex Jones Show, plus others uploaded by TruthTVNewYork, which I had never heard of, wearechangela, and more. The or one of the ones on the Alex Jones show is in 3 parts.
This always gives me chills, it's quite well known that the CIA etc would give the writers ideas for shows. Perhaps they wanted to warn us or maybe it was just predictive programing or "bragging in the open" as they like to do often
But guyyyyys, mr bush said nobody in their government could of thought or predict tactics like this could of happend. Did my all trustworthy leader lie to me? Nooooooo it cant be possible.
If we had the technology like here, we could've saved thousands of lives. But it just couldn't be predicted in time
If the writers of this show thought it up, I'm sure our gov and Pentagon at -least- considered it
President Bush and Dick Chenney had a Sleepover and watched a premire of the show.
And y'all motherfuckers keep thinking that the 11S was some arab crazy dude
"It's no longer a game!" Great video. Thank you. 9/11 was an inside job.
I hope the sheep in the US wake up. i hope in my Lifetime.......
Holy shit! This is so true! I just wrote a paper about this.
Check out the interview with Dean Haglund too. Interesting.
The Press? It's birdcage liner... LOL so true!
DAMNIT! better luck in september
hahaha I love the sceptics.
"just don't expect to win"

LoL Deejays vs Minelli and FYI Portilla de Bobo Crash & Smash bootleg

FB : www.facebook.com/csofficialfp download : //www6.zippyshare.com/v/58692240/file.html.

FYI since Hotfix you can double dip the 1st Crota Chest for Radiant Materials today.

Bounced this from PS4 Share so no commentary. I did Crota's End on all characters last week.......however since the hot fix went live you can run down AGAIN ...

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Shame I have nothing to use these useless shards for, and probably never will since the raid, and subsequently the raid gear/weapons, is off-limits to me and tons of others due to no matchmaking.
+Fuji San  Nope.  Plus a full-time job working swing shift makes the possibility even less.   But my highest level character is a Warlock at 31, PS4.
You got no one to raid with?? What console and level are you??
Can I still get rewards from the other parts
No just the 1st chest
Can i get armor out of this chest aswell?
+Mesa Sean Actually, I got my Gjallarhorn from this chest. No troll.
No just materials
Does that mean you can kill ir yut for exotics too?
Ok, I thought it was coming tomorrow...
+Nathan Swedan yeah the update went live today. I got 6 radiant shards today thank god. Need them for my last level 32 and I am done. But no drop after death singer.
+Nathan Swedan the patch went live today
+Mesa Sean But if you were referring to double dipping ir yut, than nvm
+Mesa Sean Actually, the patch goes live tomorrow unless there was an update today. If I'm not mistaken the patch notes say that Ir Yut WILL drop exotics and/or radiant material. They might've changed it but Idk cuz I can't go online today

FYI: Hepatitis C Infection: the virus, the disease, current and future therapy

An educational series from Duke Clinical Research Institute, presented by Alex Thompson, MD, PhD.
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