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One of David Blaine's Best Card Tricks REVEALED!!

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Blaine asks think of a card, any card, then he gives the deck to the person and says your card is not in the deck anymore, then the card appears in a fruit or somewhere else. He did this trick to Harrison Ford, and a lot in his street performances, does anybody knows how id done, I am still searching the net to find out,
+transformer889 You have to plant the card in the fruit before you show the spectator the trick you do that by cutting in the bottom (a hole ) and folds/roll the card and stick it in then you make a classic force and voila you got a killer move
It's so obvious haha understood what he did right away before he explained it, I really don't think this is his best trick
+MaryJaneMatthew ikr
Seen the pinky break when he goes to show that cards are mixed up through out deck, other than that i would have bought it
you dont need to break the cards. it was the natural bent in the cards

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