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How to use cvs Videos

How To Use The CVS Coupon Machine

Watch how Kelly Snyder from Kansas City Mamas shops at CVS with The Magic Coupon Machine.

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Love that magic machine

How to Use Coupons at CVS To Be An Extreme Shopper Pt 2 coupon 101

In this series of videos I will share with you the basics of couponing and how much it could save your family. Get Your copy of My eBook Q is for Coupon and ...

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This was the video which made me really go for couponing :) Thanks Christine..BTW you should come more often on camera...I love your nail trends but would like to see you again..
There are a few good sites I check weekly to see the sale list google couponmom and weusecoupons, and you can find the sale lists posted there. Hope that helps.
how do we know when the price for that item is at it's lowest price? Should I ask a store manager? would they tell me that info? thank you
Welcome, I'm glad you're here! Check out the Q&A series of videos for even more tips.
@39157 Shop Rite is my local grocery store. I love them, but only 4 Qs.
Thank you so much. Please keep posting, really is a great help.
Thanks for watching! I'm glad you found this helpful! :)
@2littledollz thank you for the help. Just subscribed...
Which grocery store do you generally use?
thank u for this videos love it

How To Use CVS Coupon Match Ups

//coupondivas.com CVS Coupon Match Ups explained - Top Tips for Saving money every week at CVS w/ Extra Care Rewards, Coupon Stacking, ECBs, ...

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whats with the bag that u scan????
THANKS for the helpful info

How to Use Swagbucks earn free gift cards for CVS, Target, Amazon and More

Expand for more info & links!***Thanks for watching & welcome! GET 70 EXTRA Swagbucks NOW Are you earning gift cards through Swagbucks? Click here to ...

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Don't you love all of these ways to save. :) For SavingStar it may take up to 21 days for it to show in your account, it depends on how quickly the store reports to SavingStar. I find that CVS reports within 7 days. You can only use the SS eCoupon once per product, unless you need to purchase a certain dollar amount. :) HTH
I just want to add to her tips that if you want to get the most out of your swagbucks, My self i get just enough for the daily goal and save the other bigger swagbuck ernings for the next day! You will get them and STILL get the daily bonus for that day! It really adds up in the long run ^^ also great video Dollz
Your awesome!! Since I have been watching you I have saved and earned so much money!! I have always been a couponer but you introduced me to Swagbuks, Ibotta and Savings Star. When you redeem Swagbucks for gift cards to they mail the card to you or is emailed?
I have the SwagbucksTV iphone app, currently there isn't one for the website. I open the TV app, plug in my phone when I'm home and just let it run and rack up the Swagbucks for me. You can earn up to 50 SBs in one day, but I never let it run that long. :)
Oh, I forgot to mention that. They email it to you, and it takes a few days from the time you order it to receive it. I'm so glad you're really stacking the savings now, not just using coupons, but all of the rewards sites too. :) Thanks for the feedback!
Congrats on getting the GCs!! When you're on the Swagbucks homepage, click on your name in the top right hand corner, drop down to "My Gift Cards" They're in there, and you enter the code into your Amazon account. HTH.
all you have to do is print out the coupons and they keep track by the barcode thats attached and somehow it links to your account so every time you make a purchase, the swagbucks go straight to your account :)
I'm a member of MYPoint too, but sb is just the best IMO. I earn at least 5 $5 GCs per month If you read this in time. There's an 8sb code on the blog today until 5pm pst. Hope you find it :).
The $5 Amazon gift card is the best return, because it's only 450 Swagbucks for the $5 GC, and the others are 500 SBs for $5. Just personal preference after that. :) Thanks for watching.
I have been a member of Swagbucks for a long time, but shamefully have not really utilized it. Are you a member of any of the other sites like MYPoints...is Swagbucks the best one?
I have a question about saving star. Do u know how long it take to get money after u purchase the items? And how many times can I do it? Thanks.
You're on your way to earning some gift cards for both Shopkick and Swagbucks. Thanks for watching, and if you have any questions, just ask. :)
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