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How to use vns magnet Videos

Using the VNS Magnet

This video I tell about my experience with using the VNS magnet. a few time I have used it accidentally, I'm still getting used to using it. Website ...

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so my name is Ashley I just got a vns and test it out but see mine isn't in the chest really up the mine is in a odd place like its literally in my boob
+Brother John Speaks OK I was just wondering because when I watched this you said you had a problem with magnet and your computer that's why I was asking by the way I like how you actually for us epileptic people half of the people where I live don't even know much a about it.I've had my share of seizures too mine happen when I'm sleeping and it will seem like I'm sleep walking but then I fall and hurt myself. I've even fallen of my bed before and broke my nose and 2 front teeth so it means a lot to us knowing someone actually cares
+Ashley Russell I have not had any problems with mine around computers yet. But if you think it may be a problem put the magnet around your ankle with your socks pulled up around the velcro band. Just make sure people around you know where it is in case of an emergency.
+Brother John Speaks also I have had epilepsy all my life since I was 3 and no pills seemed to work so they suggested this because brain surgery was to risky with this and should I be worried at my work I work at McDonald's with computer ordering systems could the magnet screw it up if I'm wearing it to work
+Brother John Speaks well that's what I thought until my doctor said I was the only that had it there.but either way so say if my boyfriends work has a metal security detector is there going to be a lot of problems or not
+Ashley Russell I think it's playst different according to gender, I could be wrong.
I'm getting mine this year. So thanks for the heads up! Quick question though.. What about cellphone? Does the magnet affect those? And going through airports? 
+Hilary Benoit Yes so if you plan on flying get a note from your doctor. You won't have to go through the scaner but TSA will give you a pat down. This is a great question I will do a video on this soon so please stay tuned.

VNS Magnet 1

How to use the Vagus Nerve Stimulator Magnet.

What Is Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)? | Epilepsy

Do you REALLY know how to pack correctly? We didn't either... Click here to learn How to Pack Like a Pro: //bit.ly/1SOIXuw Watch more Epilepsy & Seizure ...

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I've had Epilepsy since I was 4 to 5 years old I am currently 29, i'm currently taking 4000mg of keppra & 1600mg of carbamazepine a day The medicine keeps me from having any daytime seizures but I'm still having nighttime seizures every Night and every morning so my neurologist suggested that I think about the VNS therapy, So I was wondering if anyone on here has had it done would they recommend it?, what kind of experiences have they had?
My VNS helped, when my meds weren't enough. It's hard to get used to at first, but did not completely help. It did not prevent, but did make them less frequent and very minor
People if you don't have anything positive to say don't say anything at all. I am an epileptic and take offence to your comment Ashley. If you don't care don't post.
I was offered it due to my seizures being uncontrolled 
Thought it said vagina nvm
lol what wrong with u
First to not care

VNS - Epilepsy

A short clip of a child with CDKL5 having her VNS activated for the first time, and also showing how to "swipe" using the magnet.

VNS Therapy for Epilepsy, Patients' Experiences - Part 1

Epilepsy affects more than 3 million Americans and 50 million people worldwide. It can develop unexpectedly with no known cause and at any age.

VNS Activation Description and Swiping Magnet example

How the device is turned on, and how I feel when it goes on. Showing what it is like when I swipe the magnet.

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Thanks so much for making these videos, we are learning about VNS in school and these videos are helpful.
+Mia Swenson Awesome, so glad to help.
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