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Chicken jerky dog treats fda Videos

FDA warns pet owners of jerky treats

A West Michigan clinic is treating dogs for illnesses likely linked to tainted treats.

Kona's Chips Chicken Jerky Treats For Dogs

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You do great reviews. Keep up the good work! ~ Ed
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Niko enjoys his morning chicken treat

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Why is this here????

Kanga-ROO Jerky, Dog Treat Eaten by Archie the wonder dog. Very healthy Treat!

Waggin Train Jerky Treats is POISON

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Do a Google search for “American Made Pet Treats”. There are many other choices. Yes, the treats from China are always the least expensive, but at what real cost? We are losing our loved ones. If you feel you need to provide chicken treats, please buy American Made. It’s worth the extra cost. My neighbor was one of the first to lose their 5 month old puppy to the treats from China (about 3 years ago) and I don’t think I’ll ever completely get over it. Just heartbreaking.
The FDA has yet to determine any conclusive evidence showing that these products are harmful, despite the hundreds of complaints they've received from dog owners. However, because of these complaints and the experience my dog had after eating this treat, I'm not going to continue to feed him Waggin Train treats or ANY other treats manufactured in China. It simply isn't worth the risk. I urge other dog owners to do the same.
To those whose pets have died...I'm very sorry for your loss. I encourage you to report your story to the FDA. It's my hope that if enough owners report the deaths of their pets from eating these poisonous products, the FDA will force retailers to remove them from their store shelves. fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/SafetyHealth/ReportaProblem/ucm182403.htm
I used to work at a Waggin Train warehouse in Corona, CA. A warehouse that was 98% Mexican and their employees used to eat that shit like it was meant for human consumption smh. If this shit killed your dog, switch their food effective immediately
Waggin Train sells to over 12 million dogs. It is unfortunate that you pet has experienced this problem. What did your vet say? and if the vet says "ooh yes Waggin Train is causing this" ask why is it doing it not just because its Waggin Train.
not only is it wagon train there is Milos Kitchen chicken jerky treats made in CHINA any thing that comes from CHINA we should stop buying do a Nation wide BOYCOTT of all foods from CHINA then just maybe our voices will be heard .
Too Late....Duke is dead. Perfectly healthy one day, fed him ONE of these jerky chicken treats and in a week he was dead from kidney failure. Why are they even on the shelf? I didn't know about this until it was too late.
My dog Coco died(3-14-12) of kidney failure after eating Milos Kitchen Chicken Treat. She was a beautiful dog and only 8 years old. Our vet did an autopsy and found the toxin. We miss her so very much. :-(
My dog shasta went to the vet and haas only 2 weeks to live because of kidney failure from these treats! Im spreading the word and wont stop till they are OFF THE SHELVES FOR GOOD!
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