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Dog treats out of canned food Videos

K9 Busy Drug Detection - Cans

This is a video of K9 Busy, a drug detection dog, working on cans. She also has distractor odors out including dip, dryer sheets, kush, coffee, and grease.

Canning MEATS - food storage - chicken, pork, sausage for biscuits and gravy!!!!

These are different meats I store in my food storage for everyday use and a doomsday scenario. Canning your own meat is a great way to have meat on hand.

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can you do sausage links? Would you just add water? When you add water or broth how much do you fill it with.
+Crystal Walker From what I'm hearing and seeing on other vids is no broth. The oils and fats in the meats cook themselves when immersed in a pressure canner.
Do you know if I can can meat and stuff without a pressure cooker , cause I don't have one and could I not use the water bath method? What if I was to boil the cans longer in a water bath type of preserving?? please help
No, the only way you can can meat is with a pressure cooker. I recommend the book "stocking up".
By all means - no - for meats, you definitely need a pressure canner.  The jars do not have to be sterilized, because that will be done in the processing, but should be clean, and you could keep them prepared in a hot water bath before transferring them to the canner.  The Ball Blue Book will tell which items can be done in a hot water bath, but meats are not to be done that way.  Hope this helps!
No canning information at all, which is what title implied. 
maybe she has it on another one of her videos ?

Where To Purchase Dog Food or Kibble

dog dishes, dog bowls, dog biscuits, dog feeding, dog feeders

Rocco Havanese tries a Brainy Bones Whirl-a-Bone

Rocco tries out a Brainy Bones Whirl-a-Bone. The treat-dispensing, interactive puzzle toy has a rotating hatch that covers and hides treats inside its hollowed ...

Bad Unboxing - CANS!!! (Beans, Chili, Spaghetti)

Another awesome corporate unboxing. Thanks to the sponsors who sent me the cans. i relaly apprecaitiate it. subscirbe thanks for watching hit that like button.

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