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Weatherford college foundation Videos

Steve Weatherford - NY Jets Punter on being Always Positive

Steve Weatherford, NFL Punter for the New York Jets shares his thoughts on what it means to be Always Positive. In 2011Steve joined other Positive Force ...

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Haha we own him now

Humber College Cheerleading Ontario Championships 2012 - 1st Place

Humber College takes first place at the Cheer Evolution Ontario Championships 2012 in the college coed level 6 division.

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you know instead of being insecure little bitches maybe consider how hard they worked. so what Canadian cheer isn't as intense as american cheer. I'm a head cheerleader and this is pretty good with a couple mistakes. 
I don't know how they got first place... Canadian cheer is way less intense than American cheer! If you messed up that much here in the US, you would get last!
How did they place 1st with all of those huge mistakes? The other teams must've been a lot worse than this, and that's just plain scary.
Wow that was something I'll never watch again..... Keep practicing
Well they were definitely not ready for this competition
oh dear

Repositioning HBCUs for the Future: A Conversation with Foundations

MODERATOR: Charlie Nelms, Senior Fellow, Division of Academic Leadership and Change, American Association of State Colleges and Universities ...

UMPI's Wind Project - The Foundation

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