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1964 Flood in Portland

Home movie footage of the Willamette River flood on Christmas Day 1964 in Portland, Oregon, taken by my dad. The scene of the family waving is on the ...

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I have 8mm movies of the 1964 flood in Keizer, Oregon, but it is a double exposure of the flood and of me a few years earlier as a baby. My dad and our German Shepherd lived in the second story of our house during the flood to protect it from vandals. My mom and I left the night of the flood. Mom said she could see the flood waters going across a low spot the road in the the rear view mirror. We lived in a mobile home in our driveway while repairs were being done on our house.
I lived in Sellwood at the time about 9 blocks east of Sellwood park and the bridge. Us kids didn't even know about the flood or we just didn't care - it was Christmas and I was too preocupied with the event. I don't even remember seeing it on TV. But I do remember how the Oaks had shut down because of it. That was our favorite hang out at the time.
My grandfather took a photo of that barge going under the Sellwood--I guess it was either working the river a lot that day or your Dad & my gramps were there at the same time. Small world either way.
At that time every river in Oregon was in flood stage. I wish I had video of Corvallis at that time. We had to leave our house and live with some friends for a couple of days.
Can anyone tell me where to find the "Christmas Floods of 1964" film that was produced by Caltrans? I used to watch it as a teenager on VHS in the early 1990's.
wow awsome that you have this footage from almost 50 years ago! Love our state.
very cool to see, and in color!
What is this song
Erie Canal

KOIN Portland, Oregon Christmas Promo

KOIN Portland, Oregon Christmas Movie Promo.

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That's the late Tom Michaels from that promo. He had done voiceovers for Fred Meyer's until his death in 2000.

"The Talking Christmas Tree" with Dallas McKennon as Santa!

This is a portion of a Video that was only made as a VHS Movie to be bought in Meier & Frank Department Stores in Portland, Oregon, in 1990. A very low ...

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This video is such a key component of my childhood Christmas memories. I can still recall watching it every night the days before Christmas before bedtime in the dark in the glow of the fireplace and the tree lights. It may look low budget now, but at the time it was magical. I would occasionally watch it at random times throughout the year as well. I still have the VHS copy, although I don't recall ever having the cut out ornaments. I believe my grandmother bought it as a gift. That year was the Talking Tree at display at the Meier & Frank in downtown Portland as part of the winter wonderland they hosted each year on the tenth floor? I vaguely remember seeing it there, but I could also be possibly making that memory up. It would make sense though from a promotional stand point. I think sometime soon I'll try to digitize my copy. Thanks for sharing the video and information about it's production. Your dad was great in it. 
I have been looking for this for 3 years!!!!! I loved this video as a kid and watched it every year growing up!! I have my own kids now, and my grandma cannot find our copy... I would love to pay you to burn a copy of the original if you have it, the one with all the videos...? My email is [email protected]
Do you know where we can find the rest of the movie? I bought it when it came out at Meier and Frank when I was 5 and it was one of my favorite movies.
Where did you meet him? Was he doing a show??? I think he had unbelievable talent as well....thank you for remembering him! He was so wonderful!
Had the pleasure of meeting your dad twice in the early 2000's. Unbelievable talent matched only by his kindness. Thanks for uploading!
Hi Loughra, I have the rest of it, (All 5 Stories) if interested, please email me [email protected]! Merry Christmas!!!
Hi Kenneth! Email me at [email protected] and I'll tell you!! Glad you like the Movie!
What year was Dal in this appearance? I wish there was more of him featured in this video!
The complete special should be re-released on DVD. Although Meier and Frank is now Macy's.
This doesn't sound like Dal McKennon narrating.

12 Days Movie - Day 12

David Lobasyuk and Alex Lobasyuk Portland Oregon Skateboarding

David Lobasyuk and Alex Lobasyuk's Part From Jellyhead The Movie 2. Portland Oregon Street Skateboarding. Guest skater Nathan Weber. Film & Edit by ...

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Sick skating bros... shoutout to Portland! Check out my latest video "BLACK SKATE KID" and drop a comment with what you think.. thanks :D
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