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Troy university theatre scholarships Videos

A Funky Polka

3rd yr. Musical theatre students @ Capilano University doing a funky polka for my lifts and partnering master class. Choreography:Troy Mclaughlin *COPYRIGHT ...

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A fun combo I gave the 3rd yr. MUTH stuents at Capilano University

Danny Pudi of Community

Actor and comedian Danny Pudi currently stars as Abed Nadir, the enigmatic master of meta on NBC's celebrated series, Community, now entering its fourth ...

The Durational Theatre Vlog: National Theatre Wales' Iliad

Ever wondered what it is like to experience durational theatre? Watch this vlog to find out. Click here to subscribe: ...

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I wander... could I send you one text in english to check for me. please.
Cool vlog!

USF Unstoppable: USF Endowed British International Theatre Program

For 20 years, the USF Endowed British International Theatre Program has hosted renowned professional directors and choreographers, leading actors, voice ...

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This program looks fantastic

KHSM 3 Senior Year Part 11: We're All In This Together (Grad Remix)

At the end of the musical, Ms. Tsunade reveals that both Ino and Shikamaru have won the Jonnin scholarship and tells about everyone's future plans, in which ...
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