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Lexington ma quality inn Videos

Why should you hire a quality inspector in Lexington, Massachusetts | 978 253-0799 | Call US!

Otis Elevator at the Quality Inn in Lexington, NC (Typical Otis.)

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@DoverElevators: Actually, there's a bit of evidence online that this was a former InterContinental property, probably Holiday Inn. I can definitely see Hampton Inn though.
Yeah, this is definitely just a typical otis. Also judging the appearance of the building, this was once a Hampton Inn...
I live in Lexington. It was a Holiday Inn Express.
i like those buttons

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Full Hotel Tour: Comfort Inn - Amherst, New York

This was A very nice hotel indeed! If your in the Buffalo area and need A place to stay check out this hotel! Anyways this is the last video from Buffalo and I hope ...

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Nice hotel! Smallest hotel ever.
Not exactly I've seen hotels far smaller than this.
Awesome hotel tour when was this bro?
+Fantech0104  Oh Thanks
+MrJohnsmith2011 This was in April when I went to Buffalo for wings! :)

Disquised Elevator Doors at the Comfort Inn in Lexington, VA

Dover elevator with disguised elevator doors. Glass Dover elevator.

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Actually it's a ThyssenKrupp with the Dover buzz and fixtures. You can see the white TK logo whenever you zoom in on the floor indicator on the inside.
those paintings are known as Trompe-l'œil or tromp loy it gives you a 3d effect kinda cool
Cool video TJ! All of your videos.
That's pretty cool!
good - how are you?
how you doing tj
thank you
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