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Lexington ma traffic Videos

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LCSD Explorers High Risk Traffic Stop Training

Lexington County Sheriff's Department, South Carolina. High risk/ Felony traffic stop training for Explorer Post #106.

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I just recently read a story of a houston texas police officer with 23 years on the job.. NOT do any of the above.. approach a vehicle he was involved in a high speed pursuit with and NOT draw his firearm and approached the car ALONE with no back up whatsoever. The end result is he was fatally shot to death. I have a hard time believing he put aside all his training and common sense and experience and not did what this video is depicting. Something is seriously off with that story!!
There is always this controversy of whether it is called a felony stop or a high risk stop. They stopped using felony stop because it makes people assume that anyone who has a felony stop performed on them has automatically been presumed to commit a felony. Using "high risk stop" follows that whole "Innocent until proven guilty" lingo. Either way, this was well performed. nice job
I didn't like having the driver clear the vehicle himself. Being as uncooperative as he was he could have reached in the vehicle and pulled out a weapon easily. The way we do it in Arizona is get the driver away from the vehicle, dedicate one car for extraction and one for security.
you guys do things really bad, where you guys stood, how your commands where. Use simple commands with out the "open the passanger door" If there was someone there and you did that while you where handcuffing the driver what do you think he will do... RUN!
Very bad tactics. Bad handcuffing, bad command presence, bad piecing the vehicle, y'all made one big target when clearing left side of vehicle, don't know combat ready stance. Just bad overall.
why do you bring the suspect behind the patrol car? in my post we are trained to cuff at the front fenders of our car so if we have to fire we dont have a cross fire incident
personally i dont think its smart to let him pass the patrol car, because he could run get it and drive away or grab something inside. just my opinion
They did see it and you can hear at the same time the contact officer yell "gun" the other cadets.
You are just lucky your post even does this stuff. We are so small we basically never do this.
Like everything yet the cuffing looked bad to me I was taught to cuff from the top not bottom
No cross fire at the end which is good but they can work on handcuffing a bit to get better
Did anyone else see hime slide the weapom under the truck around the one minute mark??
Felony traffic stop would be the wrong term. High Risk is the more proper term.
@nicothegreat795 felony traffic stop is not the wrong term

TimelAPSE to cousin Billy's house milbury

Testing my GOPRO Hero 3 for the first time. Experimenting with timelapse. Recorded drive from Melrose to cousin Billy's in Milbury, MA Melrose to Route 93N ...

Mobile Traffic - Route 1 Massachusetts

Several 5 second clips showing traffic on route 1 and Route 95 in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Many of the clips show Route 1 in Saugus Massachusetts ...

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*Here's some clips of traffic* and other stuff, strung together with Sony Vegas Pro (video editor) I made the sound track on the Yamaha Motif XF7.
Thanks Cil.
So cool Jim!
Ya might enjoy this one goin up from me back yard. Saugus Aerial Video GoPro DJI 550 Multi Rotor
NIce compilation JIm! I used to run with the demons up and down Rt 1. I'd love to see one that starts coming through the lower deck of the Tobin and ends near some of your shots, mixed with train and subway shots. By the Kappy's!
My daughter has been with my mom since Friday. It's school vacation in New Hampshire.
Lol. Yes, meeting my mom because it's a halfway point to pick up my daughter. We like to shop there too. :-))
And Peabody
Heading to Saugus tomorrow!



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You say your city remove snow most efficiently, when I know there far more efficient methods that don't require graders, front loader and mini front loaders. All you needed to remove snow like this is 1 snow blower, 1 bobcat with rotating broom and a few dump trucks. 
+Aslo Aso and by juin you would be done for sure. ther have over 10 000km to clean and a few 100's km to pickup
Go, Google a rotating snow broom.
+Ron Bradshaw Oh and a rotating broom!? in a city!? frozen slush and all! you gotta be kidding me haahahahha!!!
+Aslo Aso It's cause the are scraping an ice cover. Noticed how the front wheels of the graders were up in the air?...

Watching Hingham Traffic - 15MPH Zone Downtown

A video that shows many cars actually ignore the 15MPH speed limit on North Street in Hingham, MA.

Mazzi Raps in New York Traffic

We met up with our friend Mazzi from Soul Purpose in NYC to hear him rock a verse from his Fiat in New York traffic. Yes, Mazzi drives a Fiat. Music: Funky ...

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We met up with our friend Mazzi and told him to rap while driving through NYC traffic. The results were outstanding.
Did he just come up with these lyrics?  Very cool & great filming & editing Justin!

Traffic backup

Traffic on Route 6 westbound was backed up to Exit 2 leaving Cape Cod Tuesday Oct. 22, 2013 because of maintenance work on the Sagamore Bridge.
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