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Porsche 911 amplifier Videos

Porsche car audio 911 996 stereo Audison amplifier motorization II

Update from previous video, now the Audison Thesis HV Venti amplifiers are mounted, powered up with lights on, a front cover made, we're making progress!

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@wbogumil the heat rises, the top is open and each amp has 5 fans built in. the next step is a crossflow fan in a small housing at the base of this, shrouded and forcing air in, which should help even more to allow the hot air to rise up and out. so far ('couple of years) no thermal shutdown or high temps detected. yowza.
@AF1559 thank you. I can't take too much credit, Audison and Porsche are largely responsible, I just put it together. The sound is something else, these Thesis amps run Focal Utopia Be 3-ways and 8" subs. buddy!
Very nice set up. Where are you venting the heat?
wow thats awesome!
i like tater tots
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Porsche 911(996) SQ Audio Build

SQ Audio build and exterior upgrades on a 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo Audio Build Head unit - Alpine X008U 8" Navigation unit Amplifiers - Mosconi...

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For Porsche 996 Audio Upgrades, visit our online store at https://hinnantdesign.ecwid.com

2001 Porsche 911 Turbo SQ Stealth Audio Build

Overview of the audio build. The head unit used was an Alpine 8" X008U. Handing the processing is the Mosconi 6to8 DSP with mini controller. Powering the ...

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Car Audio Innovations' Porsche customer with Carrera 911 997 GT3 RS

our new friend and customer, Jim, drove 150 miles and he and his wife stayed overnight nearby for a couple of nights while we worked on their car. Look at this ...

Audison HV venti - "The Amplifier"

Only for you this clip of HVventi "TheAmplifier": designed and built with passion…

Porsche 997 Turbo with Audison Amplifiers

3 Audison amplifiers along with Audison Bit One processor mounted in the front luggage compartment of a Porsche 997 Turbo. Orange LED accent lighting and ...

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sweet insall, give me some days and i'll be finished whit my creation ;)
Nice install!
Thank you!
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