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Seville spain in january Videos

"Sevilla Day 1" Claudiv's photos around Seville, Spain (sevilla spain in january blog)

My AFF Level 7 Skydive Spain, Seville, Jan 2015.

My Level 7, Don't be so hard on my backflip attempt, I got stable eventually!

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This is more than impressive. I respect anyone who chases the thrill. I am in the process to do my first jump. It took me long enough. At 23 I am more than ready.
+tiemyshoes92 It's an amazing journey, make the best of it=]

Vlog #5 When in Sevilla Part 1 | January 20-21, 2015

Watch me on my weekend trip to Seville in Southern Spain and Sanlucar de Barrameda. Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/wizwasted Check out ...

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yaaaaaaas, i loved this video so much ! and you looked stunning honey hehehe.. i would really, really appreciate if you could stop by my channel maybe ? i have done a video similair to this one :)
Thanks so much for watching!! I'll be sure to check you out.
saw your comment on my channel
+Arlinda Emerllahu Thanks so much for checking me out and watching xx
It's so beautiful WOW You must be having the time of your life!!
+Melanie Lyne Beauty It's so perfect!!
Ahh, seeing my beloved Sevilla in this video makes me so happy, though it's kind of bittersweet! It looks like you definitely enjoyed yourself. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos! I subscribed to your channel, thanks so much for subscribing to mine! Xx
+Girl, International Thank you so much for checking out my channel! I expect to see more vlogs from you as well! xx
+Halima Hussain Great! I just checked it out!
Hey, new subbie here. I have fashion-beauty channel, would you please check it out and also subb back? I have posted yesterday a pretty cool video if you wanna see that too :) Thanks a lot!
+AMINA I just checked it out!
Really cool vlog! I wish I was traveling, looks so pretty! Please check out my channel and possibly sub back :)
+Raia Fortin Thanks for watching! I'll be sure to check out your channel as well xx

The Majorettes- Keep your hands off my baby. Seville, Spain 28th January 2012.

Sorry about the sound, much better live than in video anyway...

Seville Skydive January 2008

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