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Atlanta falcons bedding queen Videos

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Raw Video: Atlanta Wakes to Sheets of Ice

Atlanta's normally bustling downtown area was nearly deserted for the second day in a row Tuesday. The Georgia Department of Transportation is bringing in ...

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The gas cost's more where she's at, due to being right in the downtown area. Here in the burbs it is more like $3.05 a gallon right now. Yes you pay that much more for gas in the downtown Atlanta area. And no you can't drive on that ice. It was 4-5 inches thick completely covering all of our roads, and GDOT did a pitiful job with this. I give GDOT an epic fail for this one.
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Am i crazy or did she spray her car with WD-40 then use the can as a scrapper >_< seems all everyday theres another AP of unprepared yanks (no offence intened)
Here in Winter Park, FL. reg. gas is 3.05. That ice is dangerous to walk on, much less drive on.
i live in alpharetta. this was my first winter here, i'm from florida. i was traumatized.
@cfl990 Yes? (im not entirely sure what your trying to ask?)
@vashxux yanks are usually thought of as northerners....
That gas was $3.28 a gallon! WTF 0:32
is this posted for people to use?!
@vashxux atlanta full of yanks?

LeSean McCoy running TD vs Atlanta Falcons

It's Jim Harbaugh's party and he'll cry if he wants to

Jim Harbaugh throwing a hissy fit/temper tantrum during the San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons NFC title game.

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What a cry baby
+dhobeika lol that sir deserves a thumbs up haha. I wouldn't even bother trying to look shit up xD
+Hayden Thai +TheSenorNerd Just for good measure, I checked on the teams leading the NFL in penalties. The 49ers actually were #7 in the 2012 season (when this video clip occurred) and are #13 this year. The Seahawks have led the league in penalties the past 2 years, and the Rams during the 2012 season. (Stats from footballdb [dot] com)
+Hayden Thai lol doesn't matter the 49ers are still the biggest cry babies ever.. haha
Does your team lead the nfl in penalties? Didn't think so.
They don't call them the forty-whiners for nothing :')

T-Falcon's Blog

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thanks, yeah man, i was mad because for some reason it cut off the beginning of the vid
nice! i also vlog and from GA

Feeling Right at Home

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My man is a beast and will be a top 5 wr, but please stop interviewing my man lol.

dc-boi & dj toua - Catch me in the A (hmong rap)

Imperialist - For the A beat: whp beats Yo check out our latest song that we've made. It's been a min. but this is what we got after all this time. A-town represent.
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