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Atlanta falcons grill set Videos

Sun Set View from Traditions Bar and Grill in Pigeon Point Heritage Park,

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Atlanta Falcons Tailgating

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I remember when I used to go with my family when Michael Vick,Warrick Dunn,Tj Duckett(when he was good),Roddy White,Michael Jenkins,Ashley Lelie,DeAngelo Hall,Jimmy Williams.....ahhhh those where the days:)
Go Packers!

chris brown look at me now remix ~atlanta falcons style

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@TheBigGravy its a big ass football helmet even has the black tented eye shield on it ~ but the tight shit about it is i have a kenwood 10 speaker and amp inside it that shit be knocking im getting my geogia dome right before i post my knew game room vid
@teronb25 thats whats up hoomie but he be stepping with ALPHA~ PHI~ ALPHA at clark atlanta university and thats the same sign as jets up he said the same thing when he saw you throw it up he said old dude a alpha too lol
@avon o ok i need to hit dat one up sometime da inside of it look good as fuck i usually go to da west end for my cuts but i guess i can switch it up.........
cool vid, avon. real a-t-l shit right there, even though i'm not a falcons fan. keep reppin' 'em in the off-season.
:25, is that a big black ball? those dudes would freak if i went in there for a haircut. great editing avon.
@XYZDRAGON23 its new its off martin luther king blvd down by the geogia dome
Nice vid Avon except that BarberShop Ughhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Nice vid but what barber shop was dat avon

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