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Atlanta falcons tv show Videos

Peria Jerry - Atlanta Falcons - Draft Snapshot

Peria Jerry dominated the SEC as a defensive tackle, and he did the same at the Senior Bowl. Draftguys TV shows you what makes him special in this exclusive ...

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ima add on to both killavon12 and jounokur....everyone is talking about the eagles possibly winning it all and they just might...but watch out for Atlanta....The falcons now have one of the most underrated receiving cores in the league with rodney white, michael jenkins, and the emergence of rookie harry douglas in the slot. Adding Gonzalez stretches the middle and they plan on using norwood more to spell turner...the falcons address defense in the draft with jerry and sidbury...watch out eagles
he going is a bust now he only got 5 tackles with 1 sack i know he was hurt last year but he is not doing nothing this year with only 4 tackles with 1 sack and his on his 2 year with us he only got 5 tackles and 1 sacks omg i was looking forward to him to play this year but he just another bust 1 round pick
Fellas it's such a beautiful day in the A!! Hello and Welcome to Peria Jerry and all the rest of our picks. Let's support these young men every step of the way. The Falcons, we in here!
this is great. Who you gonna double team now opponents? Abe and Peria feeding on QBs. I love it. Now if Jamaal Anderson could actually do something, we'd be unstoppable.
this dude is the real deal...when you tell the NFL just put me on the field I can play anywhere on the D line...well it's ain't braggin as he can back it up!!!
a falcons fan, that doesnt even know how to spell RODDY white. im an eagles fan, and I know this....
welcome to da 2009-2010 nfl champs baby FALCONS!!!!!!!! but i still dont like hw he did mi gators
Sidbury will take his spot if he doesn't play up to his potential
Welcome to Atlanta, Peria! I love this pick!!!
Close; he is comin' FOR the colts, BABY!
Only if he could stay healthy.....
He comin to the colts baby
He helped us beat Philly
Welcome to the falcons!
Hotty Toddy

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