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Good colleges close to nyc Videos

My Freshman Year of College in NYC!

Helllloooooo! I recently finished my first year of college and I thought it would be cool to share my experience and offer some advice! Let's be friends! Twitter: ...

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Oh my goodness do you attend Marymount Manhattan?! Because I'm considering attending in the fall and they offer fashion studies as a minor 
+lizzybaginski I'm thinking of going there for Acting and Cinema! Let me know if you decided to attend! I'm a junior, so ill be applying next year!

COLLEGE VLOG: Making moves + New York Fashion Week

Hey Glam Squad! THUMBS UP THIS VIDEO! This week was a very eventful week. I was invited to attend some amazing shows for New York fashion week and I ...

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Is that guy, Guy A?!!!!! I need to know
+Bettina Orevil Prom King's name is Christian Davies. I think he was just there to model.
*"I am fully BLACK...and reppin' it hard"* Omg that was such a small part but I was legitimately clapping. YASSS GIRL!! You're such an inspiration. Keep up the great work!!!
+StarRoseAngelic She put raven elyse and vicky logan to shame. LOL
The dude interviewing her was awkward and corny ass hell. Being all extra. If both of your parents are black, you're black, period. Like black girls can't just be the shit.
+sly 5722 But notice both of the guys were ugly.
I LOVE the guy in the blue n orange doing the interview talkin bout lookin like a pretty pink stick of gum!!!
+Sydni Lundy But he was hideous looking.
I miss the curly hair.
Yes me too .


//www.goodtimesrealty.com ID: 2243 NYC no fee apartment rentals can be easy to find with the right brokerage firm. At Good Times Realty we specialize in ...

NYC College Dorm Room Tour | NYU Gramercy Green

Here is a tour of my dorm room at NYU's Gramercy Green dorm! I will be putting up a full apartment tour in the next few weeks. Leave any NYU questions in the ...

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Does your roommate have a YouTube channel to?
+Ariel Lopez sort of she makes singing videos from time to time
new room with nice view! but where do you put all your clothes? there's not that much space for clothes
+Qijun Kong we have the dressers, and then a closet that isn't in this room, you can see it in my apartment tour i think :)
omg your room is so cool! the view is amazing! stunning! But I literally would die if I have to sleep just beside that huge window! haha greetings from Chile :D
+Meril103 haha it was a bit weird to get used to all the big windows! xx
hey sophie, was it reallyhard to get this dorm? and are there singles in this dorm hall? I really wanna live here next year...also, do u have a meal plan in your sophomore year?? thanks, :) jimmy
+Jimmy Berry hi! ya i think there are some singles within suites, but they are not as common as doubles. getting in very much depends on your sign up time and whether or not you want to live with friends or go random. my friends and i didn't want to split up, and we were originally put in the greenwich dorm, but we immediately applied to switch because we didn't want to be so far away from the subway and food, gym, etc. we found out we got switched into gram a few months later (probs because someone else dropped out). we didn't get any of our top choices originally because we had the shitiest sign up time EVER. like we were one of the last slots. if you have a decent sign up time you shouldn't have a problem getting in because its predominantly a sophomore dorm. it doesn't close out as quickly as dorms like palladium because it is further away. it actually doesn't feel as far as i thought though i highly recommend it (one of the best dorms in my opinion and certainly the prettiest). and yes i have a meal plan! i have the lowest one which i think is around 80 meals for the semester. i always have cereal for breakfast, usually eat lunch on campus at a dining hall, and usually cook or order in dinner. i recommend having a meal plan still because it is so much easier between classes to grab lunch in a dining hall than to make it or eat out. hope this helps :)
Where did you get your tapestry? :)
+Ryan Houston this one has an almost identical pattern and it is super cheap: //www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U2NAXUC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00 and this one has similar colors: //www.amazon.com/Star-Elephant-Tapestry-Purple-Hanging/dp/B00KAK66CQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1447034944&sr=1-1&keywords=mandala+tapestry+purple+and+green but i would just suggest searching "mandala tapestries" on amazon and also check urban outfitters but those are more expensive. :)
+Sophie Lewis do you have any idea what I should search for on Amazon? I really like the design and the colours :D
i got it in costa rica on the street! they have a bunch of similar ones on amazon though :)

Colleen Ballinger Miranda Sings show at Hunter College NYC Part 1!!!

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who every is posting mean comments on this video don't bother watching it, This is a concert with such an amazing seat view what do you expect from a fangirl. Haters grow the hell up cause I bet none of you can say any what you are posting down below to her face. I'm even sad for you or your parents who didn't do a very good job raising you, if you are going to be a mean and hateful person your whole live then you do not deserve to go anywhere near the internet!!! always got you back hannahmontanafan208
+Holly Waite (holl7331) exactly thank you what do people expect a concert anyway for them just to stay silent
+Tayler Dukes IKR! if i was recording this i would be screaming my head off, be thankful she recorded in the first place, she could've watched this and enjoyed it without thinking about us, but she recorded anyway, and here we are watching it!
uhhh u kept on screeming i couldnt here miranda u are so annoying how do u have so much likes an subscribers u so anoying
Agree to the screaming part
R.I.P Headphone users

LIM College - NYC Is The Best City For Fashion Students from Abroad

Junting came from a small city in central China to NYC where she now studies the business of fashion at LIM College.

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I love watching these videos I am a high school junior and will be applying to these school senior year thank you for the videos very informative.
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