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Best fashion colleges in the world Videos

Tsunami 2013 Fashion Show Winners---H R College

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Which song is it before scorpions hurricane 

Best FASHION SHOW first prize college program

Mixture of different traditions.

Get Schooled in College Fashion | Cosmopolitan

Whether you're a freshman or a senior, these college fashion tips will keep you looking and feeling stylish even in your dreaded calculus class! This week ...

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The chick in the middle sounds like she cared more about style and attracting guys than her academics in college
+KARADemonsChild probably why she hitched rides with her professor/whoever drove her home
+KARADemonsChild probably why she hitched rides with her professor/whoever drove her home
I don't understand the basis of this webshow. Not only is the title in and of itself slut-shaming and mysogynistic, but you're telling all your viewers constantly to stick with trends that guys find likable and attractive. No woman should need anyone's validation but her own.
Right. Why showcase male opinions when the questions really have nothing to do with them at all.
+Paige Vanessa agreed. Here's to wearing what you feel like!
+Paige Vanessa my exact thoughts
Any advise for college, i'm going for my first year in college. Supplies, clothing anything. It's sorta stressing me
+Selena Young Hi! Im going into my Junior year of college. My advice would be to take advantage of finding books through websites such as Cheapesttextbooks.com just type in author name or book or find the isbn number of the book to RENT your books because buying is so not neccessary to be used only for one semester. Books are needed for first days of class so get books before class starts dont wait until because you can get behind. As far as style goes wear what you want whatever makes you feel uniquely you College isnt a fashion show after awhile people dont have time to get up and focus on what to wear just focused on getting to class but wear what you like. Dont stress on college things such as meeting people happens naturally especialy meeting people on the Hall, through events its mainly just focus on keeping grades up. I wish someone would have told me focus on grades at the end of the day thats the most important thing. Goodluck to you!
I still don't get what's so awful about sweatpants. If you're wearing a cute top (and obviously as long as the sweatpants are clean and fairly new) there's absolutely nothing wrong with it! It can give off a sporty, relaxed vibe and let's be real, they're a lot more comfortable than jeans because they enable you to sit cross-legged in a lecture if you like, they're better for running to a lecture, plus you can pair them with trainers without looking as silly as jeans+trainers.
Exactly and nowadays there are different styles of sweatpants and they're actually cute
What's wrong with James Franco? Well he is a pedophile

FIDM Fashion College DEBUT Runway Show (2013): Part 11 Ahmad Murtaza

//fidm.edu/en/about/DEBUT+Runway+Show/ Collection by FIDM Advanced Fashion Design Student, Ahmad Murtaza, a cancer survivor who has lived all ...

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Thanks for sharing! We're glad you enjoyed Ahmad's collection.

Footwear Design - London College of Fashion Short Courses

London College of Fashion joined forces with the world-renowned Cordwainers College in 2000, forming a union of unique specialist expertise in footwear and ...

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That's awesome thanks

5 College Essentials for College Girls - Fashion Checklist | Guilty Bytes

Colleges are going to reopen, and this video is especially for all those girls who are college freshers and have just entered college. Here, Devina Malhotra from ...

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really helpful thank you
too bad..

IFA Paris Fashion college - Project with Coca Cola

Our students designed the outfits for this advert. IFA Paris is a French fashion school established in Shanghai since 2002, it prides itself in being the first ...
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