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Good college laptops 2013 Videos

10 Best Laptops Of 2015

10 Best Laptops Of 2015 Check other video website besides youtube : //youtu.be/6S0W4tIYqdM //youtu.be/aNJvUosGGSs //youtu.be/cqyC7vBMV0I ...

Top 10 Best Laptops Under $500 Cheap Laptops 2015

Top 10 Best Laptops Under $500 Cheap Laptops 2015 Check other video website besides youtube : //youtu.be/dj6erWbgd2I //youtu.be/54xnZrlr8Ro ...

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Not your video again

DB Jain College 2013 Free Laptop Strike (Sam)

Top 10 College Laptops

These are the best and worst of laptops for college 2013. A great guide to buying someone you know a laptop for college Worst: Samsung chromebook 550 1.

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Hello Eli or anyone else. I'm more than likely going to be a business major and only really need the laptop for notes and what not. I will still have a dedicated desktop so I am hoping to not spend too much. Just as long as it relatively fast, can uses Microsoft programs, and maybe game a little (nothing too much and of course this in not necessary. 
Also the better display and backlit keyboard
I would also think about going to hp's website and getting 8gb of RAM and maybe a better processor with some discrete graphics.
For what you are doing you will not need anything special.  I would recommend the HP ENVY TouchSmart 14t-k100 Ultrabook, especially because it is very thin and light.  This laptop should run Team Fortress 2 fine.  If you are looking ot run anything above that, I would recommend getting a laptop with discrete graphics.
i'm a bio major. which laptop is best for me ?
"Mother Board" 

Top 10 Best Laptops for College Students in 2013

BEST DEAL!! | Top 5 Best Laptops For Engineering Students | Top 5 Best Laptops UNDER $600

(SEE DESCRIPTION) Top 5 Best Laptops For Engineering Students | Top 5 Best Laptops UNDER 600$ | BEST DEAL!! Are You Looking for Best Laptops For ...

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who cares ? the cpu (especially in the cheap shit in this video) isn't made to last that long.. you will have to change the laptop half way through if you have a fuckn dual core processor which are likely to be unberable when the cpu tasks are rough... and the cpu will be fried in no time..
Generally not...because its processor speed and response time is bit good comparatively....sometimes depends how you keep your laptop or else you can use a cooling pad for getting over of these overheat problems.
Sometimes,It depends upon the set n version u have, Here over all quality is bit good as even i used Acer n Dell or another... :)
isn't hp envy 6 sleekbook overheating with designing programs like " sap , revit , cad .. " ?
Asus,Acer, Toshiba = shit. Apple, lenovo, hp, dell, maybe samsung = most longlasting
Build your laptop = no complains!! Best specs :D
Try Asus V-series...it is also long lasting :)
I like the music. Any link for full song.

► Tablets vs. Laptops in College | Start Menu Project

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should have mentioned activated digitizers for digital inking.
► Tablets vs. Laptops in College | Start Menu Project
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What Laptop Should I Buy for College?

Which laptop is best for college students? Hey Leo, I've been thinking about the laptop I should buy for college, because you know, I have to go to college and I'll ...
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