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College Football Playoff Ranking, TCU Frogs at #7

The College Football Playoff ranking committee announced the first round of its top 25 teams Tuesday evening at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, with the TCU ...

Big 12 Breakdown 14 / Bedlam, Baylor-TCU, College Football Playoff Rankings

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y dose anyone still think letting more teams in is good? we just did that! did it help? so when a 4 loss conference champ(which mean nothing) gets in then what? that not college football. y does any conference deserve a spot? if we had conferences by region, maybe(if all the regions have equal teams and they wont). 8 teams solves nothing, it will be the same bitching. no advantage? tell that to the aac,mw ect. how is ND not leaps and bounds ahead of oklahoma . its not close.
so u admit im right AGAIN. its starting to get boring being so right all the time...........story of my life mang
what? logic???? there ARE enough out of conference games, IF u play them and if u don't that's on u. ur telling me bama/whoever cant find an out of schedule game? they have to play fcs? they have to play 9 games in conference? shit even conference champ games? so if a 12-0 team played a 1-11 team in a conference champ game and the now 2-11 team win they should get a shot at a title? hell no. I thought we go by season, not 1 game? automatic qualifiers r bad. EARN IT. so why do all conferences(I guess ur including not power 5 which is crazy) need to be represented? because thers not enough games? that's BS, not logic. defeat...Y or N....oh and yes a 9-3 can be better(I said 4 loss) but im referring to when there not better.
+jonnybaze All the conferences need to be represented. It's basic logic. There are not enough out of conference games to accurately assess the teams across the conferences. A 9-3 conference champ could easily be better than an 11-1 champ from another conference.
I think if TCU would've kicked the PAt they would've beat us jus like osu did because we wasn't doing anything on offense. That's y I was happy that it came down to the defense that for the most played pretty good
+MarkRogersTV yea it's impossible but I just figured this was going to be how we went down.
+Kendall Coachman Your analysis of the Sooners is always very fair. I have no idea who would have won. I think it's impossible to say.
Sean's comparison on Baylor and Oklahoma is invalid.. Oklahoma was totally in control and up by 21 when Mayfield checked out the game.. Obviously when he left, the offense sputtered.. When Stidham was playin before he "tweaked" his foot against Oklahoma, the game was tied, and Oklahoma was playin better than them still.. The committee obvious saw that
+Cody Brody I'll step aside and leave that to Sean.

Newest College Football Playoff rankings highlight TCU-Baylor rivalry, school spirit

Dec 2 TCU Horned Frogs vs Ohio State Buckeyes CFB Playoff ranking

NCF Special: Which TEAM will earn the BETTER SEEDING by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee? TCU Horned Frogs Ohio State Buckeyes.

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your logic is wrong. first, Ohio State is 2-0 against top 25, not 1-0. second, Cardale Jones is not the third string QB, he is actually the second string because Braxton Miller never played this season. Third, you never fully explained how TCU is better than ohio state. This is a real stat....Ohio state, along with Alabama, have beaten 8 bowl eligible teams. TCU only beaten 5. So how is Ohio state strength of schedule worst than TCU? please stop making YouTube videos.
+rbillstoledo Hahaha, well, I'm sorry you don't enjoy my videos. I appreciate the feedback, nonetheless. I was merely speaking on who I thought would win the prop, TCU or tOSU. As for my stat, it was against the CURRENT top 25. That's why Ohio State is only 1-0. The strength of schedule is not my doing. It's just stats that I've researched. I'm taking the computers at their word. :-P Again, thanks for the feedback. :-)

TCU Beats Baylor, Iowa Over Nebraska: College Football Playoff Picture

TCU beats Baylor, Iowa over Nebraska, both on Friday and now the College Football Playoff situation is starting to clear up. A bit. Ranked number 7, Baylor has ...

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TCU jumps Alabama; College Football Ranks; NFL; Kids Club; Random Q's (11-12-14)

College Football Playoff Rankings Released

Kirk Herbstreit, Danny Kanell and Joey Galloway break down the top four teams in the College Football Playoff rankings. Tags: NCF, Mississippi State Bulldogs, ...

College Confidential: Will TCU stay in top four?

Jimmy Burch and Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram look at the latest College Football Playoff rankings and the prospects for TCU and Baylor ...
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