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CHEMTRAILS & CANADIAN WILDFIRE SMOKE INVADES MINNESOTA! MONDAY 7-6-15 Chemtrails The secret government has been spraying the skies ...

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Hi mate, We too have smoke from wildfires, and, not long ago, I saw chemtrails in the Spokane area north of me. UGG... Double whammy on top of our dreadful Lorsban poisoning, crap is still outgassing a month later... Living in a can of contact cement is so fun.... Keep em coming..
Thats really thick an a whole lot of coverage for wildfires to spread that far away " got to be rough on your lungs an no telling what kinda damage it may do to trees and the environment later " good video !!!! 
my cabin in about 60km from the fires in saskatchewan! The ones in alberta and bc are bad too!

Helicopter sprays population of Key West in name of mosquito control

At around 7:02 a.m. this helicopter was spotted spraying mosquitoes over the city of Key West, Florida at a mere 60' AGL.

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Statism at its finest. Did everyone they are spraying agree to this with full knowledge of the dangers? NOPE. This is a crime under natural law. Sovereigns cannot do these types of things to each other without it being considered unlawful; We can be jailed for doing so. Sucks to be a citizen doesn't it?
and without them spraying you'd be infested with mosquitos, causing people to leave the area and a drastic drop in tourism which is a major part of your economy in the Keys, but hey you gotta have something to complain about right...????
Trump scares the HELL out of sATAN and his children. So you Retards can Go To HELL with your daddy. Repent and be Saved Only JESUS CHRIST can save YOU !
reality is, we are the mosquito's
Thanks for the info!
Breath deep

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