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Shocking Stats On Homosexuality!! - Full Study - Eurovision - Conchita Wurst - Dr Scott Johnson

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One of the Founders of Canada - Chinese Canadians

Chinese Canadians have contributed alot to Canada, from building the CP Railroad connecting Canada from Coast to Coast to fighting for the country during ...

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I love Chinese people!

Simulation Of Past Life

Many efforts have been carried out in preserving the history and culture of Penang and also other regions of Malaysia since George Town was elected as a ...

Canada must be doing something right....

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you think power is held by the gun?..you do have a lot to learn.. the power is in who makes the laws, not who owns the guns. the fact that you have to be licensed means you have no power, if a license can be given, it can also be taken away. that is the difference between a privilege and a right. In the US you have the right to own a gun. you lose that right if you break certain laws. unlike licensing,where a license is not protected, it can be given and taken on a whim. you did not offend me.
3 points for this shity ass chart. A. Half the canadian citys listed have populations under 2 million. B. We require a valid P.A.L. to even touch a firearm. C.Ill tell you right now that the city of calgary has a hell of a lot more shootings in a year then what is represented in this chart. I know i live there. And 90% of shootings in toronto and vancouver arent recorded or reported to statscan.(statistics canada) Licensing works , but Registry has not saved one life or prevented on crime.
YO!!!, him not powerless, i have 3 30-06 calibers,2 remington .22 cals, a 300. Winibi Magnum and 2 12 gauges in my basement...the only difference is that their registered in front of the gorvernment and listed in their charts, so they know who does and who doesn't own weapons. We also get to attend a course and pass a test to get these, and if you have a criminal record, they can retire your weapons and discrad your right of buying one. This is only for limiting acces to "eligible" people.
The clip is not clear enough to read. Are these stats per 100,000? You do know that the US has a much larger population than we do. Also, what does locking law abiding citizens guns up have to do with criminals using guns? The ones locked up aren't the issue, never were. The Canadian gun registry has not help solve a single crime in Canada, and the cops don't use it. So you think Canadian gun laws are "doing something right" ? Sure, if classify wasting 2 billion with no results as success.
@ClassicFIHD Lets some figures i obtained from the city of calgary PD 90 out of 100 shootings arent reported 10 out of the 10 reported involve ILLEGAL firearms.PERIOD 8 out of 10 involve people beeing shot before they can even dial 911 9 out of 10 involve homeinvasion 100% of the people commiting these crimes are known criminals with lenghty pasts.Hmm go figure that the criminal element wont follow the laws 100% of these guys have nothing to fear knowing that legally i cant defened myself
Because each city, country and population has it's own unique cultures and values making direct comparisons suspect. Why is it that England and Canada (even Toronto individually) with their firearms restrictions all have higher homicide rates than Switzerland which has a high level of firearms ownership? The comparison you're trying to make is invalid. Firearms is not the issue. The values of culture and individual character is the key. Banning firearms does nothing to improve character.
Wait a minute, so you think that Canadian gun laws have anything to do with the lack of gang violence? LOLOL The criminal element will ALWAYS be able to get guns, no matter how many laws are put in place on law abiding gun owners. Toronto's GROWING issue is its immigrant population. Say what you want, or pooh pooh my comment, but it is a fact. 99% of the deaths in Toronto are gang related, Jamaican drug gangs. Yet, I am the one abiding by Canada's retarded guns laws. Not the gangs.
Don't believe this for a second. It talks about homicide. It says nothing about armed robbery, home invasion or any other crime where a gun is used. Also I don't see any cities up there where I'm from: Indiana. Where every 8th person that you see has a gun on them. I do see Detroit which is the most dangerous city in the nation AND has tyrannical GUN CONTROL LAWS. Whoever posted this is a maniac that wants to take your freedom away. Poster: Move to Canada we'll be happier you did.
Oakland is in California and so by default it has strict gun laws. You may not legally posess a loaded/operable firearm in public there unless you are one of the very few who manage to get a CCW permit. The largest root of firearms violence in the US is not the presence of firearms, it is the presence of criminal gangs who use unlawful force in contempt of law and violation of the rights of others. High lawful firearms ownership is in no way attributable to high firearms violence.
" the more desperate and lost people with guns strikes others?" your opinion based on emotion and melodramatics is bullshit, who makes the determination and the definition of the alcoholic?.. members of AA think everyone who take a drink is one?.. who decides who is authorized to be doing the authorization?..you really want to stop at just Bipolar? maybe some people dont fit in your little mold? Good thing idiots such as yourself are powerless in a world where rights are at stake
There's more to keeping and bearing arms than that and many people, myself included, are cognizant of the responsibility associated with the freedom to own guns. Like how you can't be protected under the 1st Amendment for shouting "fire" in a crowded theater, the 2nd Amendment won't protect you if you use guns irresponsibly or maliciously. The right to keep and bear arms doesn't mean you have a right to murder, so owning a gun is absolutely not an encouragement of such an act.
So you've admited, with proper training and reduction of the criminal element, that firearms represent no problem. Why not take care of the root cause then and train our youths properly about firearms, and suppress gangs instead of the right to keep and bear arms in self defense? As I said, the solution does not lay in banning firearms, but in educating character. By the way, wealth is an artifact of good values and character, not a cause of it. Another invalid argument.
@christianthinker1 Your comparison has no expressiveness! Why you don't compare the homicide rate in canadian cities in the 5 years before introducing gun registry and 5 years after gun registry?? In 1975 Germany and Italy introduced restrictive gun laws and the crime raised up! In 1997 UK introduced a draconian gun ban with the only effect that crime rate exploded! Look a the fact, gun control is bullshit because criminals are not lawabiding, this include gun laws!!
@cassidy99ful same as canada............. go figure eh...... its not the tool but the person behinde it. I own many firearms and not one has got up , removed its locks , walked downstairs to the garage , loaded itself , and fired itself. And yes there are far more guns per capita in canada then in the USA both legaly and illegaly. Gun controll only works for they who follow the law. NOT CRIMINALS. Hmmm criminals not obey the law...No way.

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Ladd Everitt Lying to Support Gun Control

Ladd Everitt from the "Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership er i mean "Gun Violence"" on The Anthony Cumia Show lying to support and advance Gun Control.

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Gun laws only create a privileged class. It is very easy to control an unarmed citizenry.
+ultrad27 That is the the end goal.

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