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Canada population estimates 2050 Videos

Canada In 2050

The first unit assignment in CGC1D for 'Changing Populations'

Population Projections: Breaking Down the Assumptions

Although the pace of world population growth has declined, it has not stopped and future projections remain uncertain. Further, the amount of uncertainty is ...

Population Growth 1810 - 2050

1 st draft of a time lapse video of students demonstrating the worlds population growth from 1810 and forecast to 2050. 1 student = approximately 93000000 ...

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Yes some music would be good. Ollie looks like he's holding up cards at a boxing ring, but he isn't always in shot. Great work.
Brilliant! Would be good to have the year as a caption as it's not always visible. Plus some music instead of the squeaking?
When I was in 9th grade,my geography class did something like this. It gives quite a perspective on population growth.
Shame that whoever drew the map was unable to spell AntarCtica.
This is fab! Hope you don't mind if I embed into blog.

North America to World Population Visual Data - From 1950 to 2050 (estimated medium).mov

This is my interpretation of a collection of population from the major continents of the world. Click on any button to navigate through a comparisons of each ...

LOYC 240 GROUP 2 food waste

Food waste is a global concern and increasing in developed countries (FAO, 2012). More than one third of food produced never gets consumed (FAO, 2013).

Burma's elders forced onto the streets

Like many other Southeast Asian countries, Burma has an aging population and the estimates that by 2050, 25 percent of its people will be over the age of 60.

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That sad

Science Bulletins: How Old is "Old"?

The human population in the U.S. and Canada is getting older—meaning that the proportion of elderly people is growing year by year. By 2050, researchers ...
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