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Brock Lee - Making a splash: Conserving water on campus

ANU is committed to reducing the consumption of potable water on campus. Brock Lee runs through some of the big initiatives and ways you can help conserve ...

A Conversation with Republican Governors 2010

The Aspen Institute, 07/15/10 A Conversation with Republican Governors Featuring Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle, Virginia Gov.

Who Will "Us" Be? w/ Anand Giridharadas, Eric Liu, Michele Norris, Monica Lozano & Paul Taylor

There have long been two notions of what it means to be American: one is civic and colorblind, found in our Constitution and creed; the other, quite simply, ...

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who has put the trash into the ocean that is the size of a country in the middle of the pacific ocean - like when are people going to be reasonable for the messes they are creating - 500 years ago; we didn;t have this type of a mess - however; it sure hasn;t taken mankind very long to destroy the planet - has it ?
look at the pollution created in china; india; etc; where 4 out of every 7 people in the world currently reside - and; just look at what big oil & corporations are trying to create there in order to produce products for less; and; so; they can earn more - is it worth that type of greed to destroy the world ???
i remember the early 80's - and; most major corporations in canada; had to put aside hiring 'whites' because they had to hire every other colour, race and creed - due to so-called prejustice 
men, women and children in denim built america, however men or women in suits have and, are quickly destroying it 
do you ever really consider what type of a world you are leaving for your grandchildren and their childtren ???
you seem to forget 'native american' or 'first nations' people ??? 

Kennedy Odede on Two Different Worlds

Healthy communities put people first, with safe housing, convenient schools and workplaces, and ready access to food, water, recreation and sustainable ...

The Radical Imagination: Featuring Dr. Cornel West

This episode aired on Firehouse TV on 10/18/2015. For more information on Manhattan Neighborhood Network: //www.mnn.org ...

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I love the fact that that Mr. West and Mr. Aronowitz are talking about doing something for your community that is both positive and constructive and outside of normal channels. Be that what it may. I found that my public library in Golden, Co or the Jefferson County Library system didn't have a lot of, or any, books showing a true alternative view to the popular left and rights capitalist views. I don't have money at all and I've been saving up to donate some Grace Lee Boggs, Cornel West, Small is Beautiful, and Occupy Spirtuality books to them. I figure someone might find them and it might turn them on! If there aren't fair views being preached in your area, do something about it no matter what it is or how small. Don't let'em beat ya down, brothers and sisters!!! You are not crazy, there are others and the pot is bubbling and history will be on our side!!!
Beautiful, guys. On top of intelligent and heartful conversation, singing and laughing is practicing the presence of freedom. Looking forward to more episodes.
Cornel is the master never wavers.....

08/31/14 HFCC Worship & Praise Dance by Aixa Lyons

Generation U

Marriage Coach - Wedding Minister - Love Coaching Testimony

Marriage Coach - Wedding Minister - Love Coaching Testimony //www.PaulFDavis.com has touched 70 countries w life-changing messages ...
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