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Hungry? Try Some Alligator Tail & Ribs

Got gator? Florida's native population of alligators has gone from endangered status in 1967, to full recovery in 1987. Now diners at Sunshine State restaurants, ...

Some Tail

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This comment made me laugh as hard as "Happy Tree Friends" does... You have a rare talent :) I remember watching all those videos from England and wishing I'd been there... We first met these characters towards the end of 2007 when we went to Florida on a vacation, and we met up at a hotel in Miami with them and Little Rich... It was definite good times, and we got to hang out again for an afternoon last year.
The first time I had gator the people wouldn't say what it was and made it like chicken fried steak and it tasted like chicken fried steak. I would've enjoyed it much better if they would've said what it was so I could search through breading and oil to taste the meat. The next time I had it it was cooked as gator and it was much better.
Only watched a few seconds of the video yet, but have to write this down: "Scarlett O'Hara's"? Hmm ... weren't her last words in GONE WITH THE WIND "... and I will swear: I will never go hungry again!"? Well - opening a restaurant might be the ideal way of making this oath come true :-)! Okay, and now on with the show!
My Southern Sweet Tea is made by a different recipe. You do NOT boil the shit out of your tea bags, it makes the tea bitter. You boil the water, remove from heat and THEN put the tea bags in to steep for 15 minutes:-) Mountain oysters? Gator tail is yummy stuff.
The biggest difference is that the bar in Australia would be surrounded by desert, and this one was surrounded by the oldest city in North America... Cindy wasn't originally so keen about being on camera, but after making many videos she got used to it :)
After eating rattlesnake and frog's legs among other things, gator was no big deal. It's meat. It's protein. It was good. I tried some other things like rabbit and duck, both of which were not to my liking...
Cindy and I both need to stay away from sweet tea because we're diabetic, but we're not against trying new things to eat, however I'm a bit more adventurous when it comes to food. We both liked our tail :)
Interesting observation... It's been such a long time since I last saw "Gone With The Wind" that I forgot everything except the "I don't give a damn" line and the incredibly vivid color cinematography...
That looked like a nice place to stop ....except I don't think I'd like gator. But, one never knows till you try. hugs, Chris
Hm I can say Ive never had gator. I can imagine your right tho, tastes like chicken but gamier. Ive heard it was good!
Looks like a bar I might find in the Autralian outback! I am glad we have ladies that don't mind our video hobby!
We had a very fine afternoon checking out the bridge and the fort... I will put those videos together soon :)
They were quite a bit more relaxed in the bylaw department than they are here...
We all enjoyed it... I for one would order it again if it's on the menu.
im sure ive met those two dodgy looking gezzers somwhere before?
They allow smoking on the patio? Time to head south.
It sure is! I would definitely order it again...
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