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Mercedes mclaren limited edition Videos

TAG Heuer SLR Mercedes Benz McLaren Limited Edition

Культовые часы SLR Chronograph, созданные ограниченном тиражом в 3500 копий, из легендарной модели от TAG Heuer, посвящен...

Часы TAG Heuer SLR Mercedes Benz McLaren Limited Edition


TAG Heuer SLR Mercedes Benz Limited Edition Chronograph

Направио/ла сам овај видео помоћу YouTube уређивача видео снимака (//www.youtube.com/editor)

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Me an regalado uno pero no se si es real o no alguien puede ayudarme ?
+jampool corcho yes hit me up my email [email protected]
+Eric Morales as friend you help me?
+jampool corcho I can help you

Adam Craig's Limited-Edition TCX SLR SS

For those who find multiple gears to be an unnecessary luxury in the lung-searing, leg-numbing world of cyclocross racing, this is the single speed version of ...

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So you copied the Transition Rapture CX and made a similar video… https://vimeo.com/83347849
FYI Adam was also in that video

Mercedes SLR Mclaren Stirling Moss

BrianZuk records an incredible Stirling Moss edition Mercedes SLR Mclaren at the 2010 Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance, one of just 75 ever produced.

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@gravityhammer25 Don't get me wrong I like Mercedes... I just don't like this one, actually the CLK63 AMG Black Series is one of my favorite cars and I also share your love for the S-class but I can't stand this Stirling Moss Mercedes powered Mclaren SLR without a roof or a windshield ... the best thing about a SLR is the sexy futuristic looks... and this one just makes me want to through up... not to mention the price... a 1 Million $.
@shadman1911 Are you retarded? Mercedes are the most beautiful and eloquent cars ever made, the curves,the sound the look it is all PERFECT, I saw an s600 on the highway once and i fell in love with it even though I only saw it for a few seconds because it was so unbelievably fast, like a space ship in hyper drive. better than any BMW,Lexus,infinity or Audi I hope to own a Mercedes some day!!!!!!!
This is just my opinion but that car is fuck ugly. I want a car not a gay bat mobile, supercars are sick and I respect that they're fast but it's because of that I can't forgive them for making it convertible, no aggressive roof line it's just a hood and doors with a trunk, no windshield either WTF. Guaranteed if BMW did a mclaren model it wouldn't look like something I drew when I was 5 years old
I missed out on buying one of these but I know an Arab friend who bought one of the last ones. DAM HIM! I got a 300SL under resto anyway and it ouzes class much more than the Sir Stirling Moss edition here AND it is based on his 1950's racing car but it is a good vehicle neverless. Fuck you Abdul I wanted that!
@asalomondrin That is absolutely true :D.but that was more a comment to them who are asking who would ever buy this car, hehehe. Obviously those who can spend their money like this pricetag is pocketchange xD And with only 75 cars going in to production. The pricetag will higly likely be going up.
@PeterStorm81 PeterStorm81's comment is just like a full stop/period for all those who are haters. And obviously no one who will buy this car has enough time to come on youtube and comment. lol other than Paradisman1( owner of a Veryron) and BuzzaidGT( owner of CarreraGt+other cars) all in UAE. ;)
I think some of the comments regards the styling of the car are from people whom have no idea who Sir Stirling Moss is , a 1950's style mixed with modern styling is very much what Mercedes appear to have created here which is a homage to the amazing career of the fantastic Stirling Moss .
@BBQPeanut I said CLK 63amg you dumb piece of shit learn to fucking read, and the CLK 63 will kill any Cadillac including the shitty Cadillac Xlr and the XLR-V mercedes owns you forever and I didnt say glk I said CLK and you better hope your not going against a clk 63 black series too.
@PeterStorm81 cool story. but they comment on the car because like everyone else, they prefer the car's performance over the fact that its a remake. look at the Challenger. its a remake of the '70s model but no one likes it cuz its an elephant on the road
@BrianZuk I know you have to be invited to show your car at PB, but if you want to go just look at the cars, do you have to be invited? I would love to go someday, even though I'm sure getting tickets would probably be expensive
Damn that hoe so clean it got me feeling like I owe them just for watching this! BUT ...I regret to say that I aint drivin no fuckin Mercedes thats gonna have me lookin like a black speed racer...fuck no, forget it lol
@dalton2621 Nope, it's exactly like this. Because feeling the wind in your face as you drive is awesome. Just make sure to buy goggles if you plan to drive at fast speeds. And keep your mouth closed, cause of bugs.
what was the yellow car in the background? only cars i know with doors like that are mercedes and the delorean. looked like a delorean....but also that one BMW prototype they done in the 80-90's
im going to guess its designed aerodynamically so that the air doesn't all get in the face of the driver...? Otherwise It must be kind of difficult to drive anywhere but downtown areas..
@BBQPeanut You must be on crack to think this car is ugly, the new ones curves are beautiful and they are not tanks,but they have the safety of one.
@BBQPeanut the only ugly Mercs are the old ones,but even back then those were nice looking in peoples eyes. I would take an SLR Mc laren over a db9
@gravityhammer25 You said Mercedes in general, retard. Oh right, my car, the one I don't dream about, owns your dream car anyways. Little pussy.
@TylerTigershark Lol yeah lol lol in the rain???all of ur dash and crap will like breack but who would drive this work of art in the rain
One of the most ugly modern cars... I hate when "revival" feelings get to cars... the only thing good about the past is that is gone...
theres 1 problem. u cant get layed in that. in the old slr, u could easily, but this its all open and stuff, and the back is eww.

Tag Heuer CAR2112.FC6267 Carrera 300 SLR Limited Edition Watch

Presenting the TAG HeuerCarrera 300 SLR Limited Edition Gents Watch from www.precisiontime.co.uk, the UK's leading watch retailer. Featuring * Swiss made ...

Mercedes Benz 300 SLR

Alloy Cars has been commissioned to Recreate only 10 Limited Edition Mercedes Benz 300 SLR. www.alloycars.com.

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err, i'm a bit curious as to how they will "recreate" such a unique vehicle without a "donor" car to dismantle first ??
+borromeo50 This is a German car.They could well have drawings and plans still

Mercedes SLR McLaren MSO Edition 1 of 25 HD

this is a nice Mercedes SLR McLaren MSO Edition. it is a limited Edition of 25 cars. I hope you like this video. If you wanna see more supercars, exoticcars, ...
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