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Mercedes slr history Videos

Mercedes Benz Moments of Passion

Mercedes Benz E-class Commercial E55 AMG E63 W211 E500 E320 SL 500 ML 500 W220 Pagode History Geschichte SLK SLR.

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basically nothing. but i think, or it seems to like (new) drivers who own a bmw, just use it as an elongation for their penis. listening to hardstyle pumped up nearly until the windows break, driving like freaks around, and when you say something against them, you can find yourself again in the hospital. i see these bmw-drivers every day. so i've got more something against the drivers than against the brand. a mercedes driver does hardly something like that, i think. my opinion.
I don't agree, I guess that Stunter956 is driving a W 140, not too expensive to buy or maintain if he was well prepared. In February 2009 i bought a W 124 200E and I was 19 than. These cars are not too big, they are just a bit more roomy than the others. Still, I think that the feeling when you drive around with friends in the back is one of the warmest and when you look at the star raising from the hood, you find yourself rewarded with her bling. ;)
@fassenkugel I think you are a pooor little boy, with a pooor little mind...Nothing what you say was right...Mercedes was the best car in the world, but you can't know this...you never feel this feeling, when you drive a mercedes...and everyone look at you...and think "Wow, he made it!" You are just a little man who drives a little car ...maybe a smart...maybe you are just angry about that...and don't know how you can justify that
@witzling well i tthink i can be ur fathery. the mercvedes is not a bad car, but low tech level, for a price look like an old shit. and the desing is also outdated. i had a mercedes e clas, im not impressed. serius elecrtonic problems, etc.. now i have a perl white 535i. well that is a car. u must try ut instead the stared shit :/ best car for what? only retard say like this...
lol, I'm 20 yrs old and i have driven: W123, W124 E200, W202 1.8, R129 SL 320, W210 E300d, 2007 A-class 1.6 cdi, 2006 CLS 500 (rocket !!!), 2009 new E-class 350 CGI. Compared to other cars I have driven (or were sitting in) - all toyotas, BM's, audis ect. I can say that Mercedes-Benz was, is and will be making best cars in the world... QUALITY !!!
Wzruszajace. Tym filmem Mercedes pokazuje jaka powazna jest marka. To nie BMW czy Audi. Teraz mi chodzi o auta wyzszej klasy, do ktorych Vw dolaczyc nie mozna. Mercedes to prestiz, komfort jazdy, niebagatelne bezpieczenstwo oraz niepowtrzalny wyglad i charakter. W naszej okolicy o Mercedesach krazy jedno powiedzenie-"bez gwiazdy nie ma jazdy" :)
The later says as follows: "Liebe Lotti, dieser stern wird einmal tages segenzreich über unseren werk aufgehen." "Dear Lotti, one day this star will rise above our factory simbolizing prosperity." And for those of you who speak Spanish: "Querida Lotti, algún día esta estrella se elevará sobre nuestra fábrica simbolizando prosperidad."
Hossa Im 18 and I have a 2000 S500. People don't realize that they are not as valuable as you think. They KBB for maybe $10,000. Sure even 10k is alot but a few kids at my school financed $20,000 Cars not thinking what they could get for half the money. I got mine dirt cheap and fixed the minor problems myself and it runs great!
jeah. also true. the higer series aren't that affected. right, a bit cheaper. ^^. the 6 series is great to drive with. i've got an e-class. very comfortable and you can go on a loooong journey with. so i've nothing against bmw. just something against those imbeciles ;). by the way, german cars rule (:
@OmegaDarkon i understand u guys and i love this car so much...i even love getting in these cars and driving them amazing to own...but the fact is a teen would like to get a car that is sporty that has enough torque when u want a kickdown,altho these cars are strong..but still!! u know what i mean?
I have w123 230 ce 1985 model and she is still nice and strong u can run 1 million km with an old merc its true.I love mercedes and ı love my car soo much ı will have it untill the end no matter people say about with old cars also she has really become a part off my family........
@fassenkugel here in Sweden all BMW owners are turkish or from any other country, and respectfull and nice ppl drive Mercedes.. (no offence to foreigners, but almost none drive BMW here.) its not good quite simple.. im proud to soon be a Merc owner.

Goodwood Festival of Speed welcomes the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR "Uhlenhaut Coupé"

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خايسةه كنها مسجل

Máquinas Mais Caras do Mundo #08 - Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren (Legendado)_Discovery Channel

Apoie nosso parceiro: https://goo.gl/kFmtZ7 Inscreva-se e de um joinha ao vídeo, pois nos ajuda muito! Um canal onde você verá documentários DUBLADOS ...

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3 years ago at this date, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) by Criterion Games and DICE was released, and was met with scores which were the highest ever ...

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And now we get Rivals which seems to look like High Stakes, yeah!
+hyungwoo0312 I have the same feeling, the game requires too powerful PC. No buy unless I try a pirated version.
Oh yeah! It looks amazing to me although I won't be getting it anytime soon because I'm skeptical whether my PC will play it properly.

Pimped ARAB Mercedes SLR In London

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