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Brittany france what to see Videos

KITESURF and sun in Brittany. 100% filmed with MOVE 'N SEE robot cameraman.

100% filmed with the MOVE 'N SEE "Classic" robot cameraman and PJ740 camera. Rider = Siril PERRONO from JN-Kites France. Siril is using the Move 'N See ...

10弦ギター奏者/10 strings guitarist in Sant-Malo, Brittany France

フランス・ブルターニュ地方の港町、サン・マロで初めて見た10弦ギター奏者。 欲しい〜! It was the first time to see 10 strings guitar in Sant-Malo, Brittany...

Atmospheric noise with strong QSB June2011 Brittany, France

Unidentified but common noise heard on the Shortwave band. If anybody has an idea don't hesitate ! That noise totally disappeared a couple minutes later on.

User Comments

Keep scanning, if there is any truth to the harrp project you should be able to get some solid proof scanning the freq. that they might be broadcasting in
Do you mean The HAARP project claims they don't transmit on the air ?
Probably just Russian taxi girls having a warm up session.;-)
Do you meen Coronal Mass Ejection ? Why ?
Storms on Jupiter maybe.

Brittany - digital painting timelapse

Upspeeded recording of a digital painting I did, using photos I took on a holiday to Brittany, France. It's been a learning experience for me to record it, as I can ...
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