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Car finance saudi arabia Videos

Saudi Arabia promises to cover foreign aid cuts to Egypt Fox News Video

Doug McKelway reports from Washington, D.C. drudge report fox news economic news political news data analysis fox 10 news republican party presidential ...

New UAE - United Arab Emirates - Armored vehicle - IDEX 2013

New UAE - United Arab Emirates - Military 2013 - IDEX 2013 US military Russian military EU military Saudi Arabia Military Islamic Insurance Loans Mortgage ...

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New UAE - United Arab Emirates - Armored vehicle
Driving via quicksand is a tricky job ))) Nice veh! Advanced one)))
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"We’re in the End Game Now” ~ Jim Willie at his finest

This video was posted with permission from //PerpetualAssets.com Perpetual Assets interviews Jim Willie of //goldenjackass.com/ Join our hour plus ...

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The country called the United States was taken over incrementally over the last 100 years. The government is a camouflage, it’s like you were on a cruse ship and pirates took over changed uniforms with the crew killed the captain, but every thing looks the same to the passengers, even the ship changes direction and you can’t tell them the ship has been taken over. They say you are crazy if you tell them the truth!
Ken, I would extend that to 150 years, when they killed Lincoln and killed the reparations and killed the republic with the Organic Act. Bankster takeover. War Secy Stanton was their man. VP Johnson's appointment at Lincoln's death.
Wish I could have a beer with Jim Willie.
I'll save you the trouble and just tell you it's the end of the financial world, and has been for years. That sums up all he's going to say to you... Lock your windows, close your doors and hide under the bed!!!! It's the end, I tells you!!!
A great focus on American evil finance, evil banking and US as a pariah that only exports war and how it will collapse. Not much mention of US giving PC's to the world, the internet, hand help phones, Ipads, many medical technologies, many of the designs china manufactures, 3d printing, tissue printing, dna sequencing, solar panels, decent plumbing, skyscrapers, factory automation and on and on. China loves American technology. Men on the moon were fun. So the middle east has to figure out religion verses country and get to seperation of church and state - which always takes millions dying, and got confused with arbitrary borders in tribal lands. 100 more years and they might get USA freedoms. Africa has to figure out state corruption and how to get protein in the land of the tse tse fly that kills cattle. South america has to deal with drug cartels and oligarchies. Russia has oligarchies and their mafia and snow 40 feet deep. We are only an election away from greatness again if we avoid Hillary. Entrepreneurs will rise, bankers will fall because banks lost touch with who they serve. Gold goes down, not up. Demographics put USA into a tough economy for 5 years, but that chokes dinosaur government and lets the highly productive new inventions flourish as we approach the singularity where computer evolution takes off. Meanwhile hydroponics feeds four times the people, and depressed doomsayers run for the hills. I do respect the truths stated by Willie. Sad to see that he could be right, but lets remember who we are and where we came from. Lets not remember that Vietnam was a useless war that killed 50,000 of us and way more of them for nothing. We still have some learning to do. 
+Don Scott I agree that the catholic history is more horrifying, and that it takes many many deaths for religions battling each other to yield to secular governments. You are right, but history is different than the present. Too late to refight history, but not to fight the battle that will have Islam allow folks to leave the religion. So you are saying Islam does not get a bad reputation in the Christian enclaves in iraq and syria that are getting wiped out, only the usa feels badly about that. Sorry, vested interests in oil or not, i think usa views on radical muslums are highly justified.
+John Fenman Speaking as a white catholic living across the pond here in Ireland,,,I have to say that Islam and Muslims in general get far too much unjustified press.Think about it for a minute,,,,,what the catholic religion,,,,,it has a far more horrifying history,not to mention its evildoings of the present.Sorry to disagree with you my friend but Islam only gets a bad reputation in the USA,,,,,,the reason for that?,,,,,simply to keep the American public supporting all those crazy wars that their crazy politicians keep starting,,,,,sorry,,,but it is as simple as that.
+Ray Drake I favor killing folks who put into practice the death penalty for trying to leave the Islam religion. Creative destruction is part of evolution.The US balance of trade is iherently self balancing based on the value of the dollar. Thinking that the US 15 trillion economy will be sunk by china spending their 3 trillion US reserves is strange - most business would welcome a one year one time 20% increase in business. If you accept that the US dollar is not a long term value storage mechanism, but a dynamic day by day exchange medium you get it - as you should since the dollar has already lost 95% of its value. Use your business to stay current in a dynamic world, not a fiat currency. Central banks will loose power to real production.
+bighitriders forget to mention we kill all over the world now, in the name of democracy???? what a joke we have become!!
The elections will change nothing here in the US  if you don't change the money system you've accomplished nothing. Avoiding Hitlery (Hillary) just to get Jeb Bush is like eating a  formed turd as opposed to sucking diarrhea with a straw.  So no, things won't get better here. This country at one time did do good for the world but now it's just evil.  Our # 1 export is debt, death, & porn.  Not much to be proud of.   Always makes me laugh when I see some bozo driving a jacked up pickup with the 2 window flags waving in the slipstream.  What's he proud of ? Is it the theft of 10-20% of his pay check by Government, is it Government importing illegal drugs that if you get caught with it you go to jail?  is it the senseless slaughter of innocent people around the world to promote "democracy"? 
Jim Willie is an idiot follow him to the soup line.
This is the second interview of him.  I may check out early, because the other one had him rambling and I wonder about someone else here who looks like he's seventeen years old and can't sprout any hair on his face.
lets see only 50 million are in the soup lines now??? so ya bunch more will be joining

Trump and Sanders triumph, Saudis plan Syrian safe zone | FirstFT

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Dr Bernd van Linder on Basel III | Saudi Hollandi Bank | World Finance Videos

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