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[340] Crashing the Supreme Court, the Corporate Takeover of Hip Hop, & Tools for the DOJ

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Tools for the DOJ, Supreme Court Transparency, Rehab for Rap Music, and Willful Blindness LIKE Breaking the Set ...

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According to you communists, There is no "real free market" only in, and I quote you "1%" of the market. There IS "real free market" according to you in the "99%" of the marketplace. Wow, you only have "access" to 99% of the place, how will you ever make a living!? If you're not a billionaire, that means you're starving, is that right you envious pigs? 
You're an imbecilic moron and there's nothing you can do about it. Under capitalism it is very possible to impose sanctions on others, crippling many aspects of their development. Guess who retained their centruies-old colonial grip and access to global human and natural resources after imperial colonialism fell and globalist financial "free market" came about to replace it? And when sanctions don't work, their trademark humanitarian(?) internvention will. They BOMBED LYBIA FOR OIL, and other reasons, a few years ago, you idiotic fool. But an inept simpleton such as youself is way below that level of understading, aren't ya? Get lost, troll.
God Abby does one good segment and then ruins it with this rap bull. Please stop acting as if there is some conspiracy. God you report real news and then do these dumb opinionated fluff.
+Ryan Thorpe It isn't just rap.  They closed down the local new generation rock station, but we still managed to get the concerts.
I can't even listen to most of the MS rap these days, its pure illiterate garbage. Of course there are quite a few artists that still distill important social/personal/ etc events and make amazingly deep songs but just about anything on the radio is unbearable..
Sorry to break it to ya but hip hop industry aint all sunshine and rainbows. as abby and the interviewees stated, messages about social/political issues are down played by corporate executives to maintain an image of life that has no problems 
A bit harsh
Why is it rap bull?  Didn't they clearly state they wanted to see reform in an area affecting today's youth in their communities?
"Willful Blindness" - a viable explanation from Nature. I am a psychologist, an observer, now living more than 20 years in the Costa Rican rainforest. Nature teaches many lessons. Observing all populations, one observes that there are only several possible relationships that exist. There is: harmony when two creatures meet; open conflict (all but always with one retreating, ending that conflict); occasional conflict based on territory, food or current mating realities. What NEVER OCCURS is a happy, smiley encounter followed by a figurative knife in the back. It just doesn't occur. Relationship in Nature is up front and out in the open always. Only humans deceive each other. I think that evolutionarily speaking we are hard-wired to not believe in this as an eventuality, hence "willful blindness." 
+Odr Loddfafnir In other words, the universe itself is a symbolic processor, and McKenna's machine elves are akin to its logic gates.
"All the constructs of science are actually interlocking constructs of syntax. So that's ordinary language which seems to define reality through a kind of process of lying about it. For instance by creating subject-object distinctions which are, in fact, not true to the matter, but somehow operationally necessary for us to navigate in the kind of lower dimensional space that we inhabit." -Terence McKennaThat lady is a machine-elf.
The music industry was toast a long time ago. It's almost silly to even discuss it. Keep creating and bring it to the street. Problem is that music is not in the street so much these days. Virtual life has made shit out of music. Music is about community and feeling it. Music these days is like those Japanese virtual computerized plastic sex toys that you use on the internet and find strangers and do weird things with. It sure as hell isn't making love - like Otis Redding or Jimi Hendrix. Oh yeah, I invoked the name of Jimi. Now, that's a musician and poet who said something. Rap is poetry with a musically challenged form of underlying track - for the most part. If it is not fingers and lips making those vibrations - it's virtual music. While the beats sound good, they are not real in most cases. Rap started from humble beginnings because kids couldn't afford instruments and it is musical collage art with real voices. There is no getting around the loss of sensuality when the tactile nature of music is removed. But it is a sign of the times. Rap/Hip-hop breaks musical rules without knowing what the rules are. In modern R&B, they know the rules but have none of the soul. The players on those records all read charts and there only a hanful of them getting the jobs. So where is the love in the playing and performing? Maybe in the past, in all the jazz and rock bands that toured and made real cultural changes that were positive all those years ago. That shit was over 40 years ago. We've been caricatures for a long time. The last great wave of rock was the despised hardcore punk. They watered it down and sold it to assholes as Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc. Punk and hip-hop are musically deprived people reaching with their souls, but grasping at straws - defining our loss sense of responsibility for each other as human beings. Art and music programs on the decline since the 1960s. Music is shit because people are on the wrong path. All music is the folk music of a time - the soundtrack of our lives. We sound like shit as a species. Maybe I'll call my next band "Feces-Species". I kinda like that. Ahhh... But I'm dating myself as the early hardcore punk generation. ;)
I deeply appreciate your analysis here. On past episodes of BTS I've expressed some of the same thoughts on hip-hop and punk, but not as lucidly.Incidentally, for me -- as a former 80s hardcore punk -- the last great musical kick in the teeth of authority was Damaged-era Black Flag. There were some scathing efforts in later years (D.R.I.'s first two records, likewise, C.O.C.'s), but they fell on the downward side of the crest. I've been waiting for kids to come up with something as raw, visceral, and impactful ever since.

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