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Car finance vic Videos

2006 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor with lights /siren / cage

Not sure how but was a bank repo crown vic police car complete with all police equipment, radar, and CB. From a small town that perhaps did not make the ...

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@Mr1999p71 this was a huge ford motor credit auction in Minneapolis Minnesota but not sure what small town the crown vic was from.
@252blunt I take it that you don't read the video description.It sold for $8.200.
@Mr1999p71 Yes, we are a used car dealership
The bank made their money off of that one.

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Federal Signal Corp's Rumbler Siren in Victoria, BC Canada.

I used to live across the street from the Victoria Police Headquarters and it was never a dull evening . The second cruiser fishtails when he leaves the station and ...

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When a rumbler is activated then it emits a wooooowooooow sound in your car and over powers your radio.. so u know that law enforcement is attempting to get by.... EMS will not have this for a long time.. red and white in michigan is a "ask for permission" to get by..
i heard its on way to usa. it said it can be felt 200 feet way. im thinking with that much base how may windows going to break how may going get woke up. till someone in office in usa gets woke up it be turn away. lets see. i hope so.
holy shit what was going on? thats nuts, and hey i just heard one of them sirens for the first time the other day! quinceidently it was after my friend on his new atv going 130mph down the road runing from them haha he got away tho:P
yea...to notify public of an oncoming emergency vehicle by using a subwoofer like amplified speaker. its like running a standard siren through a sub so the siren can felt when it cant otherwise be heard. ie loud music
@MaddDogg81 um yes when u feel extra rumbles and sounds that have nothing to do with the song you're listening to then yes people can differenciate.....and "most" people do not have subs they have standard systems.
@the80h That's the cool thing about the Rumbler - the reason it sounds like that is that it has a low frequency so it can literally be 'felt' by motorists even if they have their music right up!
I got there just at the right moment. I'm pretty sure there was a street brawl outside the local homeless shelter or some damn thing. I haven't heard it very often since. Thanks for watchin!
Actually, just last week there was a dude that was released from jail for theft and he started breaking into cars five minutes after leaving the cop shop. He was arrested all over again.
nice so the 1st cop gets the green light, then the 2nd and 3rd blast thru the RED light and that car turning right was rolling right towards the third cop.
man thats some like D-Day shit hahah. i remember when i seen patrol cars racing through my neighborhood after a guy lol. That howler thing is really cool.
i hate the rumbler cuz it makes a weird low pitched oummmmm blooooooommm sound and in my opinion it sounds weird and killls the siren. JUST MY OPINION!
zootoo63: #1 The word is debt, not dept #2 Try trillions, not just billions #3 You can knock off the swear-words, you childish Kanook cusser
Yeah, it drives you kind of nuts sometimes. People usually get let out of jail from next door and go walking down the street yelling "F*ck!"
@TheDirector17 but what if im blasting my dubstep with 4 18" subs with 5000w going to them? will i even notice a cute little rumble?
What I know, is that you we are far more alert when we hear a low tone. And it causes less harm to your ears than high frequencies.
bobman: You slow down enough for the safe operation of the vehicle. If you can see that the intersection is clear, why slow down?

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Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974) - Movie Trailer

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry is a cult 1974 car chase film based on the 1963 Richard Unekis novel titled The Chase (later renamed Pursuit). Directed by John Hough, ...

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put the primitives crash 88 over the trailers and got a great video
Pretty cool but it stinks they total the charger!
long hair fagot!! gee its just a word
good movie from this Era
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